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How Siri Has Revolutionized The Era Of Virtual Assistant

8 Ways How Siri Has Revolutionized The Era Of Virtual Assistant

Artificial Intelligence is the dome of luxury. Where your needs are anticipated before your call, your surrounding is revolutionized at your voice command. Precision and quality are the common terms for the jargon of Artificial Intelligence.

The algorithms have always been responsible for setting up the high remarks. Internet search to envision through AI has embarked a long journey in digitalization. With Artificial Intelligence falling under the crate of mobile development firms, it is quite easy to set the remote of their lives virtually in the hand of a common man.

How Virtual Assistance Is Making The Life Easier?

With the advent of technology, one can be the master of his gadgets including the tech guards in daily lives through his own mobile phone. These Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning feature provide virtual assistance with just a stretch of the wake-up call. It is similar to the scenario when you hire a personal assistant for help. Here, you have a virtual assistant instead. Commands like, “Hey Siri,” “OK Google,” and “Alexa”, are the standards set by their respective creators which can be altered up to some degree. To protect the data, they can be addressed with unique identifiers by including techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning.

Domain involving iPhone app development services was the first to simplify the foreseen need of the regular living being with “Siri”. Further followed by different firms working over chatbot and voice assistance.

SIRI- The Virtual Assistant:

Of course, Siri being one of the initial assistant systems in the timeline of mainstream virtual assistant had played a tremendous role in defining the new digitalized society. It ostentatious it’s AI capabilities on IOS platform developed by the iPhone app development company. The assistant adopts the voice streams for solving the queries and making recommendations for the particular over the internet services.

Siri outperforms the range of actions including the basic phone operations, setting navigations, making calls, setting alarms, playing music and whatnot. Now, the man is having their own personal assistant working on the technology of Artificial Intelligence; the replica of human intelligence.

How Siri Is Responsible For Revolutionizing The Era? 

The iPhone app development company works on changing the outlook of the platform. It offers the range of commands that can help you to connect Siri within no time.

Here are some reasons why Siri can be held responsible for bringing the change in the era for the common man:

  • Calls and Text in less than a moment:

Siri is acting as helping hand In making relations stronger. It allows connecting through calls and text without any physical effort. Apart from just giving commands for creating the calls, it also reminds of the important pings that you need to drop according to your previous activity giving the perfect example of AI.

  • Navigate like Expert:

One can move on an excursion like a pro just by the command, “Find driving direction to…”. Navigation is made easier through preset commands like “Drive me to the home…”. It literally makes an easier way for daily commuters without the astriction to lift their finger or juggling the way around. 

  • Entertainment on the roll:

Siri being the perfect example of AI understands your taste in music and movies. It makes recommendations according to your mood and needs. It also keeps the roll with the entertainment activities happening across the world with just the stretch of few commands.

  • Fixing up the daily tasks:

Based on your previous activities, Siri can anticipate your next move and can make recommendations to subtle your day without lifting the phone from its place. Commands like “Suggest me recipe …,” “What my daily schedule looks like…,” is absolutely making the most of the day.

  • Updates with Informative knowledge factors:

The iPhone app development company is working in favour to helps you to be updated with factual knowledge through Siri. One can easily translate the words in required languages, keep himself updated with stocks invested making the life easier.

  • Making payments with full proof technology:

The inbuilt technology through an app made by the iPhone app development company on the resources for secure payment gateway ‘Apple Pay’ is touching the zenith. The secured payment is done by orating a few commands without the case of disruption in the handling of the amount.

  • Siri’s move to become smarter:

One can personalize its moves to keep Siri updated with your relations. Machine learning is making efficient use in improving future recommendations based on your new input and keywords.

  • Data cannot be altered by any outsource:

With end to end encryption, data saved on the device is tightly secured through the means of technology. Secured data can’t be altered by any outsource medium making the AI and Machine Learning trustworthy for use.

The Future Of Virtual Assistants:

With the outgrowing technology, AI and Machine learning are moving from the screens of computer and mobile to wearable devices. The precision rate of AI is somehow responsible for creating market value and high demand, making life easier. In the upcoming years, it would not be a surprise if this virtual assistance is taking place in further workplaces apart from personal ease on just one mere verbal command greenhostit.

The Bottom Line: 

Siri being the one of first virtual assistance has portrayed the major role through Apple’s technology. With the motto “ SIRI does more than ever. Even before you ask.” is proving its promised aspects of advance life.

7 Pro Tips in Writing a Click-Worthy PPC Text Ads

If you are already a bit of an expert with PPC marketing, then you know that an ad copy can make or break your current campaign.

You can have everything perfectly set up like the best keywords, the structure of your campaigns, your targeting options, and ad groups. However, all of these would mean nothing if your PPC ad texts are poorly constructed.

In this post, we will walk you through the pro tips on writing click-worthy PPC text ads.

Tip #1: Be as specific as possible

One of the most common mistakes a lot of people make is to make super generic ad copies.

If you want to deliver the right message to your target audience, then you need to be as specific as possible.

According to Voy Media, a top nyc ppc company, “With PPC, most of the time, you are not left with enough space to write long and descriptive texts. There is a character limit, and you are expected to create a compelling and engaging ad copy while staying on that specified limit. That’s why when crafting your PPC ad texts, you have to stay concise and on point.”

Convince customers why they need to pick you over your competitors. Also, include your unique selling proposition in your ad copy to make it more convincing.

Tip #2: Understand your target audience

Before writing your PPC text ad copy, gain insight first from the perspective of your target audience.

What are their pain points? What particular problems do they suffer from? How will your product or service solve their problem? What specific questions they might ask about your product?

Answering these questions will help guide you with your ad messaging.

Another tip to keep in mind is that your ad should be about your audience, never about how awesome your business is.

As Adam Heitzman puts it, “Customers seek you out because they need something, not because they’re curious about your business.”

Tip #3: Make your headline more engaging

When it comes to crafting a paid search ad copy, the headline is crucial. Ideally, your display URL, ad extensions, and description line should complement perfectly your headlines. So you need to write them out carefully and thoughtfully.

 To easily attract attention and look more relevant to a search, you need to strategically use a keyword or search query in the headline.

The main reason your headlines should be relevant is that prospects read the headline first before deciding whether or not they want to read the rest of the ad.

Search engines like Google love relevancy, too, and would reward you with your efforts by bolding the main terms in your ad that matches the query.

Tip #4: Speak directly to your audience

Address your audience directly. Use words like “you” and “your” when crafting your ads.

 By doing so, you are making your audience feel that they are valued. It also makes your brand more personable and relatable to them.

Right from the very beginning, you want to create and establish meaningful and helpful relationships with your prospective customers. You can do this by writing in a friendly or personal tone.

According to Sean Martin, “By using a relevant tone or the voice of the customer, you can appear to be more useful and more human with your ads.”

Simply put, it is important that your ad copy is conversational and customer-centric.

Tip #5: Leverage emotional triggers

The worst thing that could ever happen to an ad is to be boring. A bad PPC ad is forgettable. No one will be curious and moved to click it.

 To avoid the same fate of creating boring ads, you need to learn how to pick your words carefully. Then, make your audience feel something.

If you already know what your target audience wants right off the bat, then it wouldn’t be too hard for you.

Know what the core problem is, as well as the reason people are drawn to you. Then, think about ways how you can tap into that emotion.

Moreover, negative feelings can be good stimuli. Why? Because people want to avoid pain as much as possible. So why not tap to your audience’s anger, anxiety, or fear of missing out?

Tip #6: Be relevant

As mentioned early, a good PPC copy is customer-centric and relevant. This is possible if you know your target customers really well, and if you can write in a friendly manner.

Avoid unnecessary words and use only the ones that will give value to a product or service.

Also, see to it that your campaign structure is well optimized to ensure that your ads remain relevant.

The more relevant your ads are, the more clicks and conversions you will receive, and you will end up paying less for each click.

Tip #7: Include a strong and clear call-to-action

Did the phrase “Call now” make you feel any sense of urgency? Chances are, it does not.

So instead of using cliches in your CTA, craft something that somehow hits home to your target market. Make use of strong verbs like “join,” “build,” “get,” and so on.

Over to You

Keep in mind that your PPC campaign needs testing in order to be optimized regularly.

Hopefully, these tips gave you better insights on how to craft an excellent PPC ad copy. That way, you can come up with better text ads that easily grabs your audience’s attention, communicates your value proposition clearly, and entices prospects to click.

Essentials for Development of the next Uber for Tow Trucks

Essentials for Development of the Next Uber for Tow Trucks

A majority of the population uses vehicles for its day-to-day traveling. The invention of vehicles has propelled the life of human beings. But have you ever thought about the failure of your running vehicle in the middle of the road? Such circumstances can be daunting and require the help of on-demand expert assistance. Whether your car punctures, needs to be towed or runs out of gas, an on-demand tow truck app is available for rescue. Within a few taps on the app, users can access services at any time and anywhere.

We have discussed the importance of the app from the customers’ standpoint. Now, it is time to discuss from the business owners’ standpoint. Using an on-demand roadside assistance app, business owners can connect a mechanic or service provider to customers and earn revenue. What is the guarantee of app success? Creating an Uber-like app will assure app success. How can you create an Uber-like app? In this informatory page, we are going to discuss requisites for the development of an Uber-like app.

Know how the App Works

Customers can download the app like Uber for tow trucks and request for any type of roadside assistance.

  • Drivers can receive users’ requests and respond in real-time.
  • The admin can manage the operations from a robust web panel.
  • In addition to the features, the app must provide a seamless user experience. Such factors affect the popularity and success of the app.

Things to consider while developing an advanced application

Branded & Customizable

Whatever company you choose for app development, it must provide branded interfaces. The branded interfaces are important to highlight brands, while a customizable app will allow easy add-ons as per companies’ future needs or requirements.

Easy Support for Third-party Integration

The third-party integration software will allow admin to easily add features or make a modification to the existing functions. Such functions will act as future upgrades and allow easy changes as business requirements.

Intuitive Interface for Users

This is the most important factor that should be considered while developing an app. An intuitive interface is developed as per users’ requirements, and the platform is easy to use and understand.

Robust & Scalable Technology

The app built on a robust technology stack allows users to handle multiple bookings. Thus, such technology will significantly increase the effectiveness of an app and handle multiple functions in one go.

Dedicated Support

The development company that you choose for app development should provide end-to-end support for deploying and integrating the present software with the existing system or workflows.

Hassle-free and Uninterrupted Payment

Customers preferring multiple payment options can use the integrated platform for payment purpose. Besides the payment through credit and debit cards, customers can also use third-party gateways like Google Pay. An advanced payment gateway will directly affect the retention of users or customers.

Varied Services for Users’ App

Passengers can instantly access to different types of roadside assistance services. The following services will be linked to the app.

  • Towing
  • Lockout
  • Jump Start
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Flat Tire
  • Battery Replacement


Three Must-have Uber-like Features to include in the App

Compelling features like Uber will guarantee the app success, and to create a towing service app, tech-savvy must include the following Uber-like features.

Advanced Search: This option will let users find the nearest service provider and send a request within a few taps.

Live Geo Tracking: The feature is used to trace the current location of the service providers.

Location Share: Users can easily share their live location to service providers. Thus, service providers can reach the location.

The above information is ample to create the next Uber-like App.

4 Web Design Techniques That Engage More Customers & Generate Leads

All of your customers are the partners in your mission.” -Shep Hyken

Yes, your customers are the people who lift your business up and helps to establish it by taking your services and products, thus it’s important to ensure they’re genuine involvement to the business.

Can you proceed with your business without authentic customers? Of course not. And satisfied customers are always the route to the inception.

In this world of digital marketing, your online presence can affect your business in a very significant way, hence, it’s important to focus on every single detail before and after.

Generating leads mean driving traffic to a website to engage with the business. But will you allow random people coming to your website with no purpose? Because those kinds of visitors generally don’t benefit your business in anyways. All the potential leads help you to get information about the client’s and customer’s preferences. Every business should have some tactics preparing their website in a way to which the visitors can engage enough to become a customer.

You need to keep a few things in your mind while working on your website design for attracting visitors. The purpose is not only to get the customers involved but to involve them in such a way that they never think of switching to another service. You might have already known of SEO and developing quality link building which is the major initials to generate potential leads to a website yet we’ll have a look at 4 website design techniques that are actually going to be benefitted in leading more customers to the site.

Did you analyze how the visitors can engage with your website to become a customer and turn into a potential customer to stay with your business for a long time? If not, work on some features like:

1. Call to action:

A call to action helps to connect with customers through chat & messages which leads them to further solutions & instructions when they visit your site. For instance, some common call to actions are:

Donate, Sign-up, Register, Subscribe, Buy, Order, Call, Follow, Click here for, Download, etc.

Through these options, the visitors can engage themselves in your business and can easily communicate with you. Add chatbox to the homepage and make it easy for them to connect with you with a live chat option. Also, add a section including offers and discounts.

It can be about some proclamations as well which is one of the core points of digital marketing that offers great deals, gifts, and coupons occasionally and taglines can be like, “Grab it as soon as possible”, “Seize the opportunity” etc. Humorous and provoking CTA with exclamatory sign helps in connecting with the customers easily.

2. Popup grabber:

It may sound negative that popup grabber is not preferred by everyone and can be annoying to so many people but if you use a light popup, it can be useful. Ask how. Think about the Exit intent popup technology, which helps to understand visitor’s behavior prompting with a targeted campaign just when someone is about to leave the site. A great way to know them indeed.

A popup chat window can be a good grabber through which your visitors would feel to communicate with you willingly unless it’s blocking anything. Just use it in the right way which serves the purpose properly.

3. Customer feedback option:

Most of the people like to play quizzes and vote through the pole. If quizzes require interesting questions, they willingly take it. It just takes a click to vote therefore they give their time after it.

It helps a website with the bounce rate as well. Also, you can ask for their email address after taking a quiz so that you get a chance to grow the e-mail and can directly communicate with your customers afterward, which is helpful for your business.

4. Analyze the Google analytics data:

If you understand Google analytics, it can help you to boost your marketing strategy that generates high traffic, also helps to reduce generating irrelevant traffic.

5. Keep it simple:

Keep everything simple, for instance, the fonts, graphics, and the contents including photos & videos. An explainer video can be included in a simple manner to make things easy for the customers and clients, which can also entertain and educate them at the same time. Poor video content can push them away so it needs to be interesting which can be a great attention grabber.

6. Analyze user’s activity:

Keep tracking your user’s activities to know their preferences like, where they’re clicking the most. You can use the tools for that which can show where the clicks are occurring and also from where the traffic is coming.

7. Recommend Relevant Resources:

Recommend your visitors relevant resources to keep them engaged to your site. It is probably one of the easiest ways to engage your customers with your business. It’s going to make them stay on your site longer, which also increases the page viewers. This is more likely to convert a visitor to a customer too. These are among the kinds of basic tricks that really help. Include renowned industry partners and also awards & achievements to gain their trust. Adding review

Digital marketing is not only about marketing but also about connecting with your clients and customers properly to grow your business. So, implement the essential techniques correctly to have a great output.

About the Author: Louise Harris is the founder of LastEditingandResearch as well as AcneLeaveNow and SnoreGoAway. She is an excellent Editor, a wonderful writer, and a magnificent marketing specialist. Visit her book list here.

awn Mowing Service App

Key Metrics to consider for Uber for Lawn Mowing Service App

On-demand apps like Uber for lawn mowing service have become popular these days. Nowadays, users can get professional as well as personalized services within a few taps. The landscaping industry comprises of different types of services. Some of the services that you can include in your app are landscape maintenance, design, construction, planting, etc for commercial as well as for residential purposes.

The ‘Statista’ record states that landscaping services have generated a revenue of 99 billion U.S. dollars until now. The last six years clearly show the rise in demand for on-demand apps for lawn mowing services; therefore, it is creating great scope for on-demand businesses. Now, we are going to discuss important factors to consider for creating an on-demand solution for lawn mowing service apps.

In addition to services for lawn like mowing, cleaning, seedling, and leveling, start-ups or experienced companies can add some key features in their apps. If you really want to make apps like Plowz and Mowz, then, you have to add features like them.

Important Features

  • Live Finder

This option will let users find experienced professionals pertaining to their specific domains for needs or requirements. A “scheduling” option will let users choose as per their flexibility. Furthermore, filters options will help customers to choose or find out customized solutions. This is a key feature of this app.

  • Live Map

Users can easily evaluate and contact nearby professionals. Furthermore, users can check past ratings and reviews and choose accordingly.

  • Multiple Categories

Users can easily choose the desired services through categorization. The option will include versatile solutions like snow removal, lawn mowing, trimming, etc.

  • Detailed Info

This option will show insight into the profile of professionals. Users can easily evaluate through reviews, photos, years of experiences, certifications, etc. This is one of the most important options, as no user will prefer to opt for any professional without knowing about them.

Furthermore, developers can include additional services like multiple payment options, discounts, offers, promo codes, scheduling, etc. An integrated payment system has become essential these days. Different users prefer different options for payments; some prefer to pay through a credit card while some through cash on delivery. In such cases, an integrated system is required so that users can easily choose the desired payment system.

  • Notification Updates

This option will let users know every minute essential related to updates, discounts, offers, and services. The option is important as well as basic for every type of on-demand apps.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Customers can easily add reviews and rate for the services opted. This will not only help other users but owners to keep an eye on their services. High-quality services can be maintained using the app.

On-demand lawn mowing services can be organized through on-demand apps, and in order to create an advanced on-demand app, features play an important role.

While adding features, business owners have to look at some other areas; for example, what features they can add so that customers will more look into the app and search for services. Besides such factors, there will be three panels for users, business owners, and service providers. Some features will be common among all, like simple registration, while others will be different. Have a look at the following organized formats.

Admin Panel: The admin panel will comprise a number of features. For example, manage pay, ratings, reviews, reports, data, support, etc.

Mower Panel: This panel will comprise a registration option, live tracking, payment details, reviews, accept or reject of services, appointment, etc.

Customer Panel: This option will comprise sign up or login option, payment option, details, feedback, flexible scheduling, etc.

Now, you are ready to build an advanced and world-class lawn mowing service app.


Software Testing

Boeing’s Troubled 737 Max Jet: Another Reason Why Software Testing is important

The debate on why software testing is important is as primitive as testing itself. Living proof of how software glitches can cost companies a fortune is the trouble Boeing 737, Max. Its return to flying has already been delayed twice due to deadly crushes. The root cause of these crashes is unknown but it is sure that this was due to some software changes. The aircraft manufacturer had been working on this software ever since the first crash.

Fault in flight’s software


When experts looked into this matter, they found out that during both MAX crashes the plane’s flight-control software pushed the nose down. The reason behind this push down was some faults in the sensor. Inspection teams claimed that they might have to make some changes in software or replace a microprocessor in the plane’s flight-control system. This setback is likely to delay the jet’s return into service by one to three months. An independent software testing company may be able to review the process that is based on conditions whether or not the review process is to be made public.

Why software testing?


Software testing is crucial to pin-point defects or problems that occur during the software development process. For instance, in this case – there could be errors in the plane’s flight control software which were not detected or rectified during the testing phase. This could be a lack of responsibility on part of the testers, or developers have failed to design accurate software for flight control. Since the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will only lift the plane’s flight from the ground when the jet is safe to fly. Hence, there is no deadline as to when the jet will be returned into service. The FAA is working on discovering potential risks in this software.

New software introduced: success or failure?


Boeing is introducing a flight-control software called MCAS to push the nose down. The original design is being altered to link the nose-down command of this software to two sensors on each plane. It is uncertain if computer-based or in-flight simulators will be used as training pilots. But it is imperative that rigorous software testing will be conducted to remove any chances of failure this time. It is expected that Boeing is going to make a come-back into the market with a bang! Let’s see how well-programmed and tested MCAS turns out to be, for the airlines.



Chances are high that Boeing 737 Max jet will make a good return after deployment of roofing software testing efforts. Meanwhile, airlines owning Max jets had to cancel many flights while planes are on the ground. According to the recent news, United Airlines has delayed its return schedule until September. Similarly, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have also made the same announcements. This surely means the plane won’t be flying as soon as the manufacturer expected it to.

Author Bio:

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.

Product Solutions For Low Conversion Rate

7+ Reasons & Product Solutions For Low Conversion Rate

Are you worried about the impact of a low conversion rate on your eCommerce site?

You are an online business owner and the conversion rate of your site is low and you want to know the reason why. Before going to the factors that make your conversion rate low, it is important to understand clearly what Conversion Rate is.

Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors to your website that complete a desired goal out of the total number of visitors. This is an effective method for the sellers to figure out the number of customers access to their website and who certainly buy their products. The higher conversion rate you get, the more success you can achieve.

Having said that, achieving a high conversion rate is not a piece of cake. That’s why it requires business owners to understand the mistakes that contribute to the low conversion rate. Let’s discover the 7+ Reasons & Product Solutions For Low Conversion Rate below to find the cause and the solution for the problem.

1. Your website is not mobile friendly

Beautiful laid out landing page but not translate well to smartphones and tablets?
You are missing a very important factor to boost your e-commerce conversion rate.
Nowadays, with the boom of technology, especially with the smartphone industry, there are more and more smartphone users. Therefore, mobile users are now becoming the most potential customers for online shop owners, so if your website isn’t fully responsive to mobile users, they will leave your site for another site.

image6Furthermore, mobile friendliness is now one of the most important factors in ranking for Google, so test your website frequently on a variety of devices and mobile web browsers.
When you’re successful in mobile, manage your website to look more beautiful in multiple browsers as well so that your customers’ experience is the same.

And the typical examples for eCommerce shopping websites that have been succeeded in this mobile friendliness part are eBay, Amazon, etc.

The product can support your eCommerce web: Magento 2 Marketplace extension

2. The image quality of products is poor

 Many people in general and marketers, in particular, believe that “though content is the king, a picture is worth a thousand words”.


Nowadays, users prefer just to see a great picture rather than being told exactly a product with two paragraphs of copy and low-quality pictures. Tiny, grain and wrong file size are things that you need to avoid on any devices as they can slow your loading page. Additionally, choosing poor quality pictures also decrease SEO’s value and increase the bounce rate. This results in decreasing user engagement as users won’t stay on your page long enough to see your content or product and more terrible that they won’t visit the website again. It should be better if you use the sery of impressive images as a tool to tell the story of product and explain the services of your business offers by providing easy-to-scan information.

The product can support your web image quality: Magento 2 Image Gallery

3. You have not focused on conversion rates

As an online store owner, you may be focusing too much on making changes to your landing pages on a whim, while forgetting all of the other aspects of your business.


However, this multitasking approach can make your conversion rate plan distracted and have no time to implement changes effectively. Sometimes you will find it hard to find out as there is a handful of changes here and there.

Outsourcing landing page might be right for you if you are doing it on your own. Even when having a full team behind you, if there is nobody committed to increasing conversion rates and optimizing web pages, your efforts won’t be effective as that would.

Keep reminding everyone about how effective the conversion rate performance can bring to your business while giving each person the primary task of improving conversions as their daily work.

 4. Customers don’t believe enough with your landing pages

Not always are customers ready to hand over their credit card when they visit your page. You have to persuade them that only your business is the right choice for them to provide products and services that they need.


All you need is a clear, persuasive website copy as well as a clear call-to-action that enforces your visitor to explore.   

5. Your form is too long or complicated

 Sometimes you will need a wide range of data for multiple purposes, they are part of everyday life! Sometimes you will need to create a form might be used for a personal application or to take customer details for account setup.

Yet, you can not provide your customers with long questions with an amount of information unless it’s really necessary.


A web form can be added into any landing page on your website to capture visitor details. This can increase the risk that the visitors will get bored or feel too much trouble to complete or even leave your site without giving any details.

If you need to include multiple fields, remember not to make them required information.

The product can support you in building form: Magento 2 Form Builder

6. Your menu makes a bad first impression

While accessing one website, customers use the menu as one of the necessary tools to search and explore products having in the store. However, some handful of navigation elements lead the users confused at times as they don’t know which one goes straight to another page. Even some menu items with dozens of product and menus make the website’s visitors feel confused.


If the menu is hidden, all of the keyword that users are looking for disappear as well, they will choose to ignore your page because it’s time-consuming and hard to understand. Make menu task easy to find, by featuring a few of them on your sales page and having the rest under.

The product can support your website menu bar: Magento 2 Mega Menu

7. Your checkout process is too difficult

For an online shopping store, customers want a clean and effective checkout process. This means they don’t want to jump through a number of steps to complete their purchase or they will abandon their carts and shop at your competitor instead.


Remember to make the process as simple as possible, minimize interruptions that can prevent them from finishing the process. Test the shopping process by yourself at first to make sure there is no technical errors or bugs that can disrupt clients.

If there is any error while customers are shopping, consider giving them a cancel page. It gives them the opportunity to save their cart for later, continue to check out or a live chat with the customer team, which will capture potential clients.

The product can speed the checkout process: Magento 2 Onestep Checkout

Final words

 This is the 7+ Reasons & Product Solutions For Low Conversion Rate. Hope that you will find out the solution for your e-store and boost your sales up. Once you have a better understanding of factors that influence conversion rates, you can attract more potential customers and push your website to a higher level.

How Data Analysis Can Help Improve the Quality of Patient Care

In today’s world, big data analytics has permeated into almost all sectors which require large amount of data storage and transfer. There’s an increasing demand for big data in the healthcare sector too worldwide.

According to a McKinsey report, “After more than 20 years of steady increases, healthcare expenses now represent 17.6 percent of GDP —nearly $600 billion more than the expected benchmark for a nation of the United States’ size and wealth.” In other words, the costs incurred by the patients as well as the healthcare providers are higher than it should be and has been increasing for the last two decades. Hence, there is an urgent need of a smart, data-driven solution in this area. This is where big data comes in.

From managing patient data, to tracking finances of the organization; big data has disrupted the traditional healthcare scenario in a matter of a decade. Apart from this, big data is also helping in making smart decisions when it comes to diagnosis, where the most appropriate option of treatment can be analyzed quickly.

With its ability to analyze trends and patterns from various sources, hospital management software offers clearer insight and accessibility which are required to provide better care for the patients, and better data management.

Benefits of Data Analytics

With the help of data analytics, medical practitioners can collect data and convert it into useful insights that can be integrated into strategic and timely decisions. Professionals in the healthcare industry can also implement big data analysis to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

Here are some ways how database management and data analytics can assist healthcare professionals to deliver better insights for patient care:

  • Advance Patient Care

Big data analytics helps medical practitioners and administrators bridge the gap between technology and technique. With the help of all the data available on a single platform, the time taken in decision-making during critical situations such as emergencies can be reduced considerably. This helps in a more customized treatment of individual patients according to their specific cases.

With the help of analytical tools, they can expedite the automation process and convert the insights provided by the system into fruitful conversions. Healthcare Institutions such as hospitals and clinics using data analytics can monitor specific metrics such as hand hygiene compliance, Hospital Standardized Mortality Ratio (HSMR), wait times and patient satisfaction.

Medical and healthcare institutions are also integrating specific tools such as Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) within their data analytics and storage systems for a more automated and streamlined process.

  • Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting

With the help of tools provided by data analytics, doctors can proactively monitor a patient’s responses and vital signs. It can then be used to send alerts instantly with the concerned people in case of an emergency or immediate medical attention. Medical staff and specialists can then immediately intervene and use the data to stabilize patients and save their lives.

For instance, if there is a change in a patient’s heartbeat or breathing, a real-time notification will be immediately sent to the concerned medial professional who can then immediately take preventive actions to normalize the patient.

  • Reduced Patient Treatment Cost

Prescriptive analytics of any medical case can also help analyze case-specific treatment costs. As a result, healthcare units can allocate medical assistance and resources in an efficient manner to maximize competence and minimize wastage. With the help of data analysis, the management can calculate the cost of specific diseases to the health care industry and prepare an overall estimate. According to a forecast by Accenture management consulting firm, artificial intelligence and big data analytics will help reduce operational costs by $150 billion by 2026.

Non-medical costs associated with the illness are sometimes included as well. Examples of medical costs are inpatient visits, emergency department visits, outpatient visits, prescription drugs, medical equipment, and home health services.”

With data analytics, these costs estimates can be predicted before the treatment to get a clear idea of the treatment’s costs to get loans, reimbursement and insurance.

  • Quality improvement and Algorithm Analysis

With the help of data analytics, metrics such as time-series analysis can be deployed to mark relevant patterns in the administration and predict the outcomes, such as staff distribution and frequency of patient admission.

With the help of accurate algorithms, prediction of admission and discharge trends can be done. This data can be extremely vital for the allocation of the medical staff, beds and inventory. Data analytics can also help plan the staff schedule for better management and functioning.

  • Electronic Health Records

Through the implementation of data analytics in electronic medical records, physicians and medical practitioners can update and implement changes without paperwork. With the help of big data, patients can access the information and insights about the course of their treatment while medical professionals can evaluate the steps that need to be taken. At the same time, big data also helps administrators evaluate costs of a particular treatment.

One of the upcoming trends is of electronic medical records facilities use regularly. This system helps eliminate the need of getting physical reports, as everything is accessible online. For instance, EMR tools store and process millions of patients’ health records, and help in imaging, whole genome sequencing, along with collating societal and publicly available data in the ever-expanding digital healthcare database.

  • Predictive Risk Analysis

Perhaps the largest costs incurred by the healthcare industry is in the treatment of long-lasting diseases. In these cases, predictive data analytics can cut down treatment costs by studying the history of the patients and predicting which cases need early intervention before problems could escalate.

Outcome prediction can be done with predictive risk analysis to avoid the chances of re-admission of patients with chronic illness like diabetes, heart ailments. Also, risk analysis through big data can help take necessary steps to prevent the outcome of any chronic disease in patients, who are prone to it. The objective of predictive risk analysis is to take actions in such a manner, that undesired outcomes such as chronic conditions can be avoided.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, healthcare institutions must implement data analytics, which is designed for risk management by considering for the medical conditions that specific cases might have. Through aggregation and analysis of data, the industry can become more efficient in resource allocation, enabling by intervention in high-risk situations beforehand and preventing systemic costs considerably.

Author Bio: Anurag Vats is an in-house writer at TechJockey who is fond of exploring the latest avenues in the field of technology and gadgets. An avid reader of fiction and poetry, he also likes to dabble with brushes and poetry, and loves to cook in borrowed kitchens.

Developers’ Crush – WP Reset Plugin

WP Reset Plugin is a great relief for developers who need to reset the database of a website to default installation setting. Original installation values are sometimes necessary to enable faster developing, testing and debugging, but it seems terrifying to deal with the settings of an already active website. It looks like the improvement was connected with the great risk of losing data. That was exactly the thought of developers who have built WP Reset plugin.

The only way to do the job right is to exclude any risk, and that exactly is the case with this first-rate plugin. An in-depth analysis shows clearly that the plugin works smoothly and reset database of the website isn’t something developers should be afraid of.

WP Reset plugin is 100% safe to use, works fastest possible, and keeps files unchanged. Protection has been based on more than one fail-safe mechanism. Losing data cannot occur, even accidentally. Efficiency was the top priority, and for that reason, developers will find only useful tools they really need. Each of them is in charge to enable easier work which is especially important for theme developers.

Features You Will Fall in Love With

A large number of plugins and WordPress themes need daily maintenance which would be impossible without quality assistance of the reliable WP Reset plugin. It gains in popularity thanks to the special features which were carefully chosen to serve the purpose and not to make confusion let alone to provoke failures.

One-click Site Reset guarantees you fresh WordPress default installation in only a few seconds. Press the button whenever you need it, blink three times, and the installation is there. It couldn’t be simpler.

The next feature is the full WP-CLI Compatibility for those who favor the command line. Don’t bother yourself with heavy thoughts about how you are going to reactivate themes and plugins once the reset has been done. There is no need to set anything manually.

Post-reset Setup will do it instead of you. You know the best what are your requirements and needs, and WP Reset plugin follows them precisely. It will configure the entire environment as you wish. If you need a cavalry, it is ready to jump in to help you any time.

The reliability of WP Reset plugin is based on the 24/7 Support. Use the plugin freely and rely on friendly, skilled and professional support whenever you need it. Forget about paying developers to solve your problem. The support is not only free, but it consists of developers who built the plugin. There is no limitation on how many times you will put some question or ask for help. Don’t hesitate to check it and ensure that every word is true.

Besides basic features, WP Reset plugin is empowered with some additional ones, but all useful and with a clear purpose. Database snapshots keep a copy of WordPress database tables you can use to create a backup or to restore previous development environment. Database Diff Viewer saves days of searching for errors. It records each change and action and presents it visually in an understandable way.

Selective Reset Tools offers you to delete specific sections, uploads folder, for example. You can be rid of what makes troubles on the website, and not touch anything else. The plugin works as your right-hand assistant enabling you to trigger from 3rd- party services which will otherwise require hours of work. It is made through the integration with WP Web-hooks plugin. Repetitive tasks can be done automatically.

Few Steps to Install It and Use It Without Effort and Time Requirement

You don’t need a lot of time and effort to install WP Reset Plugin. Actually, the ease of use is amazing, and it gets only a few steps in the WordPress admin to start. Find Plugins in the menu bar, click on Add New Option, use Search to find WP Reset, and now you are just two clicks far to have it – Install Now and Activate. There is a setting page under the tool menu. Open it and start the reset.

Developing, testing and debugging are developers’ daily life which consume time and require effort. Sometimes it becomes frustrating, but the right tools neutralize frustration. With WP Reset plugin you are the master of your time, and you will spare hours while dealing with even a swarm of bugs. The point is that you will easily locate them and fix in no time and that all free of charge.

WP Reset Plugin doesn’t make a difference in environments. It keeps all the functionality in the most challenging environment. To speed up WordPress development you just need the right tool, and as already mentioned it is available on the single click.

Debugging and testing can be conducted instantly, and your hard work will become less exhausting and more relaxed. The efficiency considers delete of every website’s modification and restore of its original installation. WP Reset Plugin works for a live site too, but in that case, you will have to provide a maintenance plugin.

Increase Functionality of the Website

You might need a clean state of the website for many different reasons, but one of the most important is a constant need to increase its functionality. It affects your business directly and consequently your income. The main advantage of the WP Reset Plugin is that it offers you close at hand all the features you until recently must be needed to pay to other developers. A significant sum can stay in your pocket.

To speed up three main processes – testing, developing, and debugging, you will only need to install WP Reset for free and enjoy all the advantages at once. There is no other way to get back as quickly and safely to default installation values than this. The functionality of the website depends on the WP Reset plugin, and the features’ list hasn’t been finished. Great and useful options are yet to come in accordance with developer best practices.

There are many blogs available online which caters the knowledge about WordPress website project development life cycle & WP Plugins Development. The project life cycle needs to be implemented smartly to maximize success and increase creativity.

How to Really Market on Twitter in 2019

With over 336 million active monthly users, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms on the planet.

Having such a massive volume of active users, you can use the platform to grow your business and attract more customers.

But to do this, you’ve got to market your business the right way.

Things move at a breakneck speed on Twitter. And to create an impact on this crowded platform, you have to identify the best marketing technique that works.

Luckily, we’ll unveil proven marketing strategies that’d help you grow your business with Twitter in 2019.

1. Create Your Twitter Profile the Right Way

Creating your Twitter profile is more than coming up with a handle, uploading a profile picture, and sending out your first tweet.

To pick the right handle, you need to select a handle that’s recognizable, easy-to-remember, and short. People can quickly tag a short handle. In the twitter world, people use your handle to search for your page.

Also, your brand name should be consistent across all social media platforms.

Large brands like Walmart use this strategy to position themselves the right way on Twitter.

It’s important to stay clear of special characters and stick to short names. A short name gets you more @mentions by your audience. Therefore, shorter Twitter names increase your chances of getting mentioned in the platform.

For personal brands, use a clean, professional headshot.


2. Create a Killer Bio That Showcases Your Brand’s Personality

The 160 character bio is found under your profile picture.

Here’s where you capture the attention of your target audience and let them know who you are and what you do.


Here’s how to craft a killer bio

  • Make it short and precise — let people know exactly who you are.
  • Be original, show your personality, and add some humor to it.
  • Let people know about some of your great accomplishments.
  • The bio should attract your target audience.
  • Tag other brands you’re associated with.

3. Tweet at Peak Hours

Studies have shown that the best time to post on social media platforms like Twitter is between the hours of 12 pm and 6 pm. And other thought leaders believe that the hours between 12 pm and 3 pm on weekdays work best.

Although tweets during weekdays seem to be good, Buffer suggests that tweet posts during weekends generate more engagement.


Your peak hours is mainly dependent on your target audience. Therefore, you need to test your content during different times of the day to see which works best.

When you identify your peak hours, you should use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your posts ahead of time.

4. Find New Prospects with Advanced Search

You can find new prospects or figure out what your clients are saying about your brand with advanced searches.

In addition to tweeting promotional posts and engaging with your existing customers, you should use advanced searches to reach out to new prospects.

Here’s how it works…

You search for terms relevant to your industry and see what other people are saying. With this information, you can reach out to new leads.

5. Use Images and Videos to Generate More Engagement

Tweets with images tend to generate more likes and retweets. But the key is to use high-quality images and pictures that are relevant to your post.

Also, use tools like Canva to create customized images for your tweets.

Aside from photos, you can take the step further by using Twitter video.

Studies from Adweek reveal that video tweets generate 3x more engagement than gifs and 6x more engagement than photo tweets.

Furthermore, you can use live videos to boost your engagement.

6. Use Polls to Study Your Market

Anyone can create Twitter polls. And you’ve got to conduct polls that not only start up a conversation but also help you get useful feedback and identify the pain points of your audience.

Your goal is to create unique questions that’ll help you conduct market research and learn more about your customers.

Brands like Target use polls not only to generate engagement, but also to study their market.


7. Use Influencers To Gain More Exposure

Nowadays, you can easily reach out to influencers (or celebrities) with a large online following.

An influencer can change the direction of your brand. The first step is to identify the right influencer for your brand.

You have to look out for influencers with a large online following and whose message aligns with yours.

Alternatively, you could also reach out to influencers who have already established a rapport with you. Maybe they’ve retweeted or liked your posts before.

In situations where you’d need to find new influencers, you should use tools like Klout.

8. Use CTAs in a Creative Way

Since your principal aim of marketing your brand with Twitter is to generate leads, boost engagement, and drive more sales, adding CTAs is a quick way of doing just that.

If you’re using CTAs to make your audience share your post, you can take it a step further by using action words like:

  • Shop Now
  • Download Here
  • Visit Us
  • Learn More

Large brands like Walmart are using CTAs like “Check it out in stores!” to increase their online engagement.


9. Use Twitter Ads to Grow Brand Awareness

If you’re new in the Twitter world and you don’t have a large number of followers, you can use the magic power of Twitter ads to grow your brand’s audience.

Although Twitter ads are more expensive than Facebook ads, they seem to get the job done.

Ads like promoted tweets are useful in growing your online presence, while conversational ads are also a good fit.


By using any of the promoted Twitter ads, you’d be able to reach more people, generate enough engagements, and create awareness.

10. Use Hashtags the Right Way

Although hashtags are useful, when misused, you won’t be able to create enough influence with them.

According to studies, tweets with hashtags generate 2x more engagement than regular tweets.

However, engagement tends to drop by 17% when more than two hashtags are used.


It’s important to not only use an active hashtag but to use them the right way — overusing hashtags is not healthy for your brand.

Tools like Hastagify and RiteTag help you identify the right hashtags, test them, and determine the strength of each hashtag before using it.

Get help from Voy Media to Grow Your Business With Twitter

Twitter is one of the best platforms to find new prospects, generate more leads, and build an online presence.

The problem is that everything moves at a fast pace, and the lifespan of the average post is just a few minutes.

To stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to use effective marketing techniques.

Start by creating a Twitter profile, writing a killer bio, tweeting during peak hours, and making use of hashtags.

Other strategies include using videos/images, CTAs, advanced searches, Twitter ads, market polls, and influencers to grow your audience.

How will you market your business with Twitter?

Tech Prate Technology Says: Social media companies are causing to establish the rules and norms for mass data management. Facebook has much more access to consumer data compare to any other social media and big data companies.