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Recruitment Software Solution

Recruitment companies are concerned about mapping a candidate’s profile to the job opportunity that befits his/her skill and experience. Right from candidate sourcing to final selection, it is a complicated process which needs to be tracked at each stage. High end recruitment solutions are expensive and others do not provide end to end life cycle management. This means you either end up paying in lumpsum for features that you seldom use; or you have to be satisfied with a low end solution that does not meet your business needs.

Does this sound familiar to you? … We have the answer to your issue

We introduce iSmartRecruit – a complete recruitment solution from our partner company which provides cutting edge features yet an affordable solution for small and mid market recruitment companies.

Salient features

  • Applicant tracking system.
  • Customer and Prospect Management.
  • You can post recruitment requirements using social networking websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • ‘Resume parser’ feature categorises information which saves data entry time.
  • Create your ‘Resume Bank’ with customized ‘candidate search’ feature.
  • Import resumes from emails, file systems, job portals, websites, etc.
  • You can send automated emails / reminder emails / notifications for interviews and events.
  • Automated attendance management for recruitment staff.
  • Customization on ‘On Premise’ and ‘SaaS’ with multiple deployment option.
  • Real time call tracking to measure the performance of recruitment consultants.
  • Complete invoice and Payment Management module.
  • Recruitment Information Management feature using Dashboard, Analytics and MIS reporting.
  • 100% Open source based – No extra licensing based.
  • Industry standard design and data security feature.
  • Display current job openings on your website.

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