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Yii Development


A lot of people aren’t sure what needs to be done when it comes to Yii protocols, but we do here at XHTMLJUNKIES. We can make sure that your Yii development is as secure as possible, as well as fast and professional. We offer up these services at only $15 an hour, so there’s nothing to miss out on here! Yii is one of the leading development platforms for many different reasons, although most people aren’t sure where they should turn to in regards to the right service. Well, here at XHTMLJUNKIES we believe in providing our clients with an experience they’ll never forget; in a good way, of course!

You should choose Yii because it’s a different platform than most are used to, but it also gives you a little twist that many other developmental projects wouldn’t allow. Here are some of the things that make Yii such an amazing piece of software:

You can develop projects in much less time than you normally would, which is saying a lot – time is money when it comes to the developmental industry

The caching strategy surrounding your project will be as ideal as they come, and there are also super scripting protocols

Yii framework is one of the most scalable environments you could hope to develop something in, which is why we love making use of it

Yii also allows you to authenticate specific users, as well as set up XSS and security filters

Web applications that are developed on Yii always work out well, there’s also I18N and L10N available through this framework

You can skin and theme as you please! Image manipulation is a plus too

Works well with tons of third-party coding

SEO friendly, which is a necessity regardless of your business/industry

How can we help? The skills in which all of our Yii developers share are immense, and that allows us to:

  • Integrate your Yii development into something mobile, which means people can finally check out your project while they’re on the go
  • Yii application support and maintenance, we’ll never leave you to deal with a problem by yourself; we’re the experts after all
  • Offer up custom CMS (Content Management System) and web application development through the use of Yii
  • I18N and L10N (Internationalization and Localization).
  • Use the best coding framework we can find, because it’s build a better base
  • Develop websites and portals a like
  • Deliver daily time sheets to make sure you’re up to date, knowing about the situation your project is in should be critical.

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