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vtiger CRM – Cutting edge software that help you make the right decision for your business

  • An open source technology that streamlines business interactions from pre-sales, post sales, procurement and fulfillment to maximize sales and improve customer service.
  • Streamline sales productivity by managing customer profiles, accounts, contacts and forecasting business opportunities.
  • Organize activities, follow up and improve overall business performance.
  • Design personalized mass email campaigns on your customer contact database and track campaign effectiveness.

Our team specializes in vtiger CRM installation, customization, support and training services. vtiger delivery methodology includes:

  • Community edition installation including mandatory software and initial configuration.
  • Study client’s business strategy, policies and procedures for developing a business centric vtiger CRM solution.
  • CRM data migration from existing to new site, if applicable.
  • Developing module customization and CRM add-ons.
  • Version control, software maintenance and support of the CRM application.
  • Basic / Intermediate / Advanced vtiger CRM training for end users and CRM Administrators.
  • Personal and / or online training for the CRM solution.

Our vtiger CRM projects include:

  • Custom module development such as integration with QuickBooks, web forms, etc.
  • Accounting / ERP solution development and integration.
  • e-Commerce and business productivity applications development.
  • SMS integration, Outlook plugins for Microsoft Outlook integration.
  • Business intelligence tool.
  • Social networking sites.
  • Learning management system development.
  • Theme development and multiple database support to integrate your new CRM system to your existing database.
  • You can allow your customers to access your customers to access / do certain modules specific to him to maintain a better relationship with you.

Achieve 360 degree CRM service – Excel with a custom built CRM solution:

1. Sales force automation including lead management, contact management and opportunity management.
2. Inventory management including product catalogs, vendor management, price books, sales, purchase orders and invoices.
3. Dashboards and customizable reports with key metrics and report folders.
4. Customer support using trouble tickets, online knowledge base and customer self service.
5. Activity and Calendar management to track recurring events, calls , share calendars, meetings, notes, To-Dos, mail notifications and activity history.
6. Custom modules such as list views, currency integration, pick list, etc.
7. Marketing automation such as campaign management, mass mailing, mail merge templates, email extension and integration with email client.
8. Plug ins and extensions for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office.
9. Security management of user profiles, roles, user management, groups and access control at organizational level.

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