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Key Metrics to consider for Uber for Lawn Mowing Service App

On-demand apps like Uber for lawn mowing service have become popular these days. Nowadays, users can get professional as well as personalized services within a few taps. The landscaping industry comprises of different types of services. Some of the services that you can include in your app are landscape maintenance, design, construction, planting, etc for commercial as well as for residential purposes.

The ‘Statista’ record states that landscaping services have generated a revenue of 99 billion U.S. dollars until now. The last six years clearly show the rise in demand for on-demand apps for lawn mowing services; therefore, it is creating great scope for on-demand businesses. Now, we are going to discuss important factors to consider for creating an on-demand solution for lawn mowing service apps.

In addition to services for lawn like mowing, cleaning, seedling, and leveling, start-ups or experienced companies can add some key features in their apps. If you really want to make apps like Plowz and Mowz, then, you have to add features like them.

Important Features

  • Live Finder

This option will let users find experienced professionals pertaining to their specific domains for needs or requirements. A “scheduling” option will let users choose as per their flexibility. Furthermore, filters options will help customers to choose or find out customized solutions. This is a key feature of this app.

  • Live Map

Users can easily evaluate and contact nearby professionals. Furthermore, users can check past ratings and reviews and choose accordingly.

  • Multiple Categories

Users can easily choose the desired services through categorization. The option will include versatile solutions like snow removal, lawn mowing, trimming, etc.

  • Detailed Info

This option will show insight into the profile of professionals. Users can easily evaluate through reviews, photos, years of experiences, certifications, etc. This is one of the most important options, as no user will prefer to opt for any professional without knowing about them.

Furthermore, developers can include additional services like multiple payment options, discounts, offers, promo codes, scheduling, etc. An integrated payment system has become essential these days. Different users prefer different options for payments; some prefer to pay through a credit card while some through cash on delivery. In such cases, an integrated system is required so that users can easily choose the desired payment system.

  • Notification Updates

This option will let users know every minute essential related to updates, discounts, offers, and services. The option is important as well as basic for every type of on-demand apps.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Customers can easily add reviews and rate for the services opted. This will not only help other users but owners to keep an eye on their services. High-quality services can be maintained using the app.

On-demand lawn mowing services can be organized through on-demand apps, and in order to create an advanced on-demand app, features play an important role.

While adding features, business owners have to look at some other areas; for example, what features they can add so that customers will more look into the app and search for services. Besides such factors, there will be three panels for users, business owners, and service providers. Some features will be common among all, like simple registration, while others will be different. Have a look at the following organized formats.

Admin Panel: The admin panel will comprise a number of features. For example, manage pay, ratings, reviews, reports, data, support, etc.

Mower Panel: This panel will comprise a registration option, live tracking, payment details, reviews, accept or reject of services, appointment, etc.

Customer Panel: This option will comprise sign up or login option, payment option, details, feedback, flexible scheduling, etc.

Now, you are ready to build an advanced and world-class lawn mowing service app.


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