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4 Web Design Techniques That Engage More Customers & Generate Leads

All of your customers are the partners in your mission.” -Shep Hyken

Yes, your customers are the people who lift your business up and helps to establish it by taking your services and products, thus it’s important to ensure they’re genuine involvement to the business.

Can you proceed with your business without authentic customers? Of course not. And satisfied customers are always the route to the inception.

In this world of digital marketing, your online presence can affect your business in a very significant way, hence, it’s important to focus on every single detail before and after.

Generating leads mean driving traffic to a website to engage with the business. But will you allow random people coming to your website with no purpose? Because those kinds of visitors generally don’t benefit your business in anyways. All the potential leads help you to get information about the client’s and customer’s preferences. Every business should have some tactics preparing their website in a way to which the visitors can engage enough to become a customer.

You need to keep a few things in your mind while working on your website design for attracting visitors. The purpose is not only to get the customers involved but to involve them in such a way that they never think of switching to another service. You might have already known of SEO and developing quality link building which is the major initials to generate potential leads to a website yet we’ll have a look at 4 website design techniques that are actually going to be benefitted in leading more customers to the site.

Did you analyze how the visitors can engage with your website to become a customer and turn into a potential customer to stay with your business for a long time? If not, work on some features like:

1. Call to action:

A call to action helps to connect with customers through chat & messages which leads them to further solutions & instructions when they visit your site. For instance, some common call to actions are:

Donate, Sign-up, Register, Subscribe, Buy, Order, Call, Follow, Click here for, Download, etc.

Through these options, the visitors can engage themselves in your business and can easily communicate with you. Add chatbox to the homepage and make it easy for them to connect with you with a live chat option. Also, add a section including offers and discounts.

It can be about some proclamations as well which is one of the core points of digital marketing that offers great deals, gifts, and coupons occasionally and taglines can be like, “Grab it as soon as possible”, “Seize the opportunity” etc. Humorous and provoking CTA with exclamatory sign helps in connecting with the customers easily.

2. Popup grabber:

It may sound negative that popup grabber is not preferred by everyone and can be annoying to so many people but if you use a light popup, it can be useful. Ask how. Think about the Exit intent popup technology, which helps to understand visitor’s behavior prompting with a targeted campaign just when someone is about to leave the site. A great way to know them indeed.

A popup chat window can be a good grabber through which your visitors would feel to communicate with you willingly unless it’s blocking anything. Just use it in the right way which serves the purpose properly.

3. Customer feedback option:

Most of the people like to play quizzes and vote through the pole. If quizzes require interesting questions, they willingly take it. It just takes a click to vote therefore they give their time after it.

It helps a website with the bounce rate as well. Also, you can ask for their email address after taking a quiz so that you get a chance to grow the e-mail and can directly communicate with your customers afterward, which is helpful for your business.

4. Analyze the Google analytics data:

If you understand Google analytics, it can help you to boost your marketing strategy that generates high traffic, also helps to reduce generating irrelevant traffic.

5. Keep it simple:

Keep everything simple, for instance, the fonts, graphics, and the contents including photos & videos. An explainer video can be included in a simple manner to make things easy for the customers and clients, which can also entertain and educate them at the same time. Poor video content can push them away so it needs to be interesting which can be a great attention grabber.

6. Analyze user’s activity:

Keep tracking your user’s activities to know their preferences like, where they’re clicking the most. You can use the tools for that which can show where the clicks are occurring and also from where the traffic is coming.

7. Recommend Relevant Resources:

Recommend your visitors relevant resources to keep them engaged to your site. It is probably one of the easiest ways to engage your customers with your business. It’s going to make them stay on your site longer, which also increases the page viewers. This is more likely to convert a visitor to a customer too. These are among the kinds of basic tricks that really help. Include renowned industry partners and also awards & achievements to gain their trust. Adding review

Digital marketing is not only about marketing but also about connecting with your clients and customers properly to grow your business. So, implement the essential techniques correctly to have a great output.

About the Author: Louise Harris is the founder of LastEditingandResearch as well as AcneLeaveNow and SnoreGoAway. She is an excellent Editor, a wonderful writer, and a magnificent marketing specialist. Visit her book list here.

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