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7 Pro Tips in Writing a Click-Worthy PPC Text Ads

If you are already a bit of an expert with PPC marketing, then you know that an ad copy can make or break your current campaign.

You can have everything perfectly set up like the best keywords, the structure of your campaigns, your targeting options, and ad groups. However, all of these would mean nothing if your PPC ad texts are poorly constructed.

In this post, we will walk you through the pro tips on writing click-worthy PPC text ads.

Tip #1: Be as specific as possible

One of the most common mistakes a lot of people make is to make super generic ad copies.

If you want to deliver the right message to your target audience, then you need to be as specific as possible.

According to Voy Media, a top nyc ppc company, “With PPC, most of the time, you are not left with enough space to write long and descriptive texts. There is a character limit, and you are expected to create a compelling and engaging ad copy while staying on that specified limit. That’s why when crafting your PPC ad texts, you have to stay concise and on point.”

Convince customers why they need to pick you over your competitors. Also, include your unique selling proposition in your ad copy to make it more convincing.

Tip #2: Understand your target audience

Before writing your PPC text ad copy, gain insight first from the perspective of your target audience.

What are their pain points? What particular problems do they suffer from? How will your product or service solve their problem? What specific questions they might ask about your product?

Answering these questions will help guide you with your ad messaging.

Another tip to keep in mind is that your ad should be about your audience, never about how awesome your business is.

As Adam Heitzman puts it, “Customers seek you out because they need something, not because they’re curious about your business.”

Tip #3: Make your headline more engaging

When it comes to crafting a paid search ad copy, the headline is crucial. Ideally, your display URL, ad extensions, and description line should complement perfectly your headlines. So you need to write them out carefully and thoughtfully.

 To easily attract attention and look more relevant to a search, you need to strategically use a keyword or search query in the headline.

The main reason your headlines should be relevant is that prospects read the headline first before deciding whether or not they want to read the rest of the ad.

Search engines like Google love relevancy, too, and would reward you with your efforts by bolding the main terms in your ad that matches the query.

Tip #4: Speak directly to your audience

Address your audience directly. Use words like “you” and “your” when crafting your ads.

 By doing so, you are making your audience feel that they are valued. It also makes your brand more personable and relatable to them.

Right from the very beginning, you want to create and establish meaningful and helpful relationships with your prospective customers. You can do this by writing in a friendly or personal tone.

According to Sean Martin, “By using a relevant tone or the voice of the customer, you can appear to be more useful and more human with your ads.”

Simply put, it is important that your ad copy is conversational and customer-centric.

Tip #5: Leverage emotional triggers

The worst thing that could ever happen to an ad is to be boring. A bad PPC ad is forgettable. No one will be curious and moved to click it.

 To avoid the same fate of creating boring ads, you need to learn how to pick your words carefully. Then, make your audience feel something.

If you already know what your target audience wants right off the bat, then it wouldn’t be too hard for you.

Know what the core problem is, as well as the reason people are drawn to you. Then, think about ways how you can tap into that emotion.

Moreover, negative feelings can be good stimuli. Why? Because people want to avoid pain as much as possible. So why not tap to your audience’s anger, anxiety, or fear of missing out?

Tip #6: Be relevant

As mentioned early, a good PPC copy is customer-centric and relevant. This is possible if you know your target customers really well, and if you can write in a friendly manner.

Avoid unnecessary words and use only the ones that will give value to a product or service.

Also, see to it that your campaign structure is well optimized to ensure that your ads remain relevant.

The more relevant your ads are, the more clicks and conversions you will receive, and you will end up paying less for each click.

Tip #7: Include a strong and clear call-to-action

Did the phrase “Call now” make you feel any sense of urgency? Chances are, it does not.

So instead of using cliches in your CTA, craft something that somehow hits home to your target market. Make use of strong verbs like “join,” “build,” “get,” and so on.

Over to You

Keep in mind that your PPC campaign needs testing in order to be optimized regularly.

Hopefully, these tips gave you better insights on how to craft an excellent PPC ad copy. That way, you can come up with better text ads that easily grabs your audience’s attention, communicates your value proposition clearly, and entices prospects to click.