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Ways To Increase Instagram Engagement In A Bombarding Manner

If you ever check out the Instagram app, you will be amazed by the way it has actually expanded this year 2018. This social media channel has also proven to have been a source of ad revenue. Only the IG mobile ads are expected to rake in more than 6.8 billion dollars in this year. With such an impressive figure, it is no wonder that analysts are now seeing IG be the new engine behind FB’s growth as a company. There are some proven ways available, which help in increasing the IG engagement for massive business followers. It is time to know about those tricks with ease.

Avoid preaching and start telling a story:

IG is full of mediocre branding messages, which forget that social network is supposed to be a visually growing channel. It is mandatory for you to captivate your audiences through some videos and images, and not just by preaching marketing missives. It can help you to gain some Free Instagram likes for sure. And, you will have an idea available to increase Instagram followers for free with the help of these simple ways.

For increasing engagement rates, you need to take the role of a storyteller. Your aim over here is to offer micro-stories through videos, captions, IG stories and even through your profile.

You can further try to share some of the user-generated content, which will resonate well with your brand.

For any inspiration, you can follow some of the innovative storytellers on IG. You can further view some of the examples, which will definitely help in kick starting creativity.

You need to check on the IG branding:

Creativity, clarity and even consistency form the major supporting pillars for enterprises, whose main aim is to build brand awareness on IG. Remember that a basic, haphazard and erratic approach is not going to work.

• You need to focus towards some of the core areas like creating style patterns and presenting profile well, which will make the images look fresh.

• You need to focus on the art of mastering hashtags. You must also interact with your followers regularly for building up that brand loyalty and engagement.

• By just road mapping your processes and branding only the best practices on IG, you can end up creating a consistent and positive brand to targeted audiences.

Exploring full ranges of IG video formats:

It is true that a picture has a great worth to it, but when it comes to video, it has a worth of 1.8 billion! It clearly states the difference in calculations. Even if you try hard you won’t be able to challenge the popularity and efficacy of online video content. IG recognizes this structure well and all settled to offer a suite of video options for the marketers to deploy.

It is in your hands whether you want to safely surf social networking sites or just go free without any security. Being a social media user, you should consider these security tips and keep yourself away from suspicious activities and elements.

For all the IG stories mashing up stills and videos under the single ad, ensure that you get to use the strength of each video format to its full potential. Yes, the steps might take some time but it is worth the result you are going to receive. Just work on it once and you will end up procuring the best help as a result.


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