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Hi I’m Steve and I run a Magento development and support company in the UK,

Earlier this year we needed to replace a skilled in-house developer and fortuitously at that time we came across Xhtmljunkies the developer arm of Elsner Technologies based in Ahmedabad, India.

Despite having numerous offers over the years we have not previously outsourced our Magento development and support work and it was a big step for us.

In particular, for support work, there were the issues of trust regarding client website data to be overcome. There was also the language, or rather, the accent barrier.

Of course too, there was the question of competence and remote working procedures all of which had to be proven.

As it happens, following a few weeks with both us and Xhtmljunkies working hard to set things up, all these were successfully addressed and we now have an excellent working relationship with our dedicated full time Magento developer, who is proving to be very capable and efficient. Our working day has increased too of course. This really benefits our clients who get tasks they submit late afternoon done and waiting for them when they arrive next morning.

Key for me was a credible testimony ‘chat’ with a long-term UK client of Xhtmljunkies’. He vouched that as well as being highly capable and flexible as a development team, and with a great work ethic, they could definitely be trusted to respect all aspects confidentiality and IPR. Other reassuring factors were that Xhtmljunkies’s team included Certified Magento developers so we knew there was a minimum standard we could expect. Importantly too Xhtmljunkies offered a comprehensive Non-Disclosure Agreement which they were happy to have modified so it came under the jurisdiction of UK courts.

Not least for me, and what swung it as we compared them with other clearly competent Indian outsourcing companies, was Shawn their business development manager. His good clear English and professional and reassuring approach provided the ‘cultural bridge’ we needed at the time to make the leap to outsourcing.

So in summary, I’m very pleased with our new outsourced service from Xhtmljunkies and am happy to recommend them.

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Harshal Shah is CEO & Founder of Xhtmljunkies, Located in Gujarat, India, XHTML Junkies is one of the best companies that offer unique eCommerce solutions by the virtue of its dedicated professionals. Our professionals are extremely proficient in offering development services pertaining to eCommerce. You can find Harshal on and Twitter.