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5 Wordpress Cache Plugins To Optimize Website Performance

5 WordPress Cache Plugins To Optimize Website Performance

Loading time can be painful if it goes beyond a certain point. A website can be harmed by excessive loading times that are simply not acceptable. However, Our WordPress experts have a list of WordPress plugins specifically meant to clear the cache on your WordPress website and enhance the overall performance.

  1. WP Rocket

It is one of the best plugins acting as a remarkable cache solution. Not only will you find it amazingly user-friendly, but also a lifesaver especially for webmasters, having a tough time with technical terms, and web-based programming. Once you activate it successfully, you will find the plugin working well, without any need of configuring it. In fact, you can even dive into advanced options for customizing the configuration without any hustle.


It has Javascript concatenation and minification, CSS, HTML, GZIP compression, browser caching, cache preloading, Google fonts optimization, seamless integration with CloudFare, and lots more.

  1. W3 Total Cache

Want to improve page loading time, while boosting user experience? The performance optimization framework present in this plugin makes it a top choice for top hosting providers with the likes of SiteGround, Flywheel, Page.ly, and more.


It offers a range of features like GZIP compression for rendering and optimizing web browser; concatenation as well as minification of Javascript, CSS, and HTML files; Content Delivery Networks (CDN) support, and CloudFare compatibility.

  1. WP Super Cache

It is another popular free caching solution for WordPress. Not just the mechanism is fairly easy to understand but even generated static HTML files dynamically from WordPress blog, as well as caches the same in place of WordPress PHP scripts.


The features, in this case, include dynamic caching, page compression, CDN support, mobile caching, and a scheduler for re-caching as well as managing deletion.

  1. WP Fastest Cache

This is the fastest and simplest cache system, and much similar to WP Super Cache. The plugin also does the job of generating static files in HTML on a dynamic WordPress blog, and go for cache saving. It is so easy to install a plugin that there is no need to modify .htaccess configuration file.


Mod_Rewrite is a method that does the job real fast in this plugin; deletion of cache files immediately after page or post is published; supports SSL & CDN; enabling/disabling cache option; blocking cache with a short code for specific post or page; and more.

  1. Zen Cache

This is a plugin gaining rapid popularity, especially when you can take a real-time snapshot of the link, category, post, page, and more. The processing time can be saved using advanced techniques for determining when to send a cache version and when not to. Modify the configuration settings right from the Settings page.


In this case the features turn out to be automatic expiration time for cache files; HTTP referrer exclusion patterns; user agents; GET requests for ignoring or caching URL; automatic cache clearing behavior for XML Sitemaps, RSS Feeds, Custom Archives, Tag, Category, Author Page, Posts Page, Home, and more.

Summing things

In our opinion WP Rocket stands out as the best in terms of the fastest caching solution; however, it still cannot be called a sole winner. At the end of the day, it all depends on the site requirements. You have to jot down a list of evaluation criteria for ranking cache plugins.

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