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How Bigcommerce is efficient in reaching a dynamic audience after WooCommerce

Being in the age of online shopping and social media, every business prefers to start an online store for selling their products.

So, are you thinking of creating an eCommerce website??

What will it benefits you??

Do you know that having an online store can quicken your chances of capturing more audience?   This obviously will make you stand out among your competitors.

But to build a website, it is critical to choose the best and reliable eCommerce platform.  The web world has an immense amount of options to give you. It becomes tough to choose the one that can provide you with the desired results.

In the analysis of selecting the powerful eCommerce platform, WooComerce and BigCommerce are on the top. They have their robust features, support and easiness, but it is tough to choose the one for your eCommerce website.

So, here in this article, we will find out which platform is better to pick according to your needs. Let’s continue!!

Which one is better? WooCommerce or BigCommerce?

Being an eCommerce website builder, BigCommerce has assisted 100,000 users in creating their online store.  WooCommcerce is a WordPress plugin which can sell the products online. Comprehending both platforms is essential to find which one is the best.

This platform gives you the functionality to decide which platform to choose, or as per the requirement of your business, better knowledge or as per the demand.


BigCommerce has more built-in features as compared to any other platforms. You can quickly sell your products on various social media channels, such as Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.

Whereas WooCommerce gives fewer customer supports, and it requires more advanced technology.  Though, it has limitless customization.

BigCommerce has the tools that are required to develop a website with an easy guidelines manual. WooCommerce follows a different approach. It is designed as a plugin in WordPress Content Management system.

It clearly says that it is an add-on which is needed to be added to the website to change it with an online store.  It is developed by Automattic, which is a web development enterprise discovered by WordPress. WooCommerce is known as the popular platform for an eCommerce platform.

BigCommerce owns numerous features that can help in hosting. So, if you are developing an online website for your eCommerce business, then BigCommerce is a promising choice. It is helping the retailers to grow their business by approximately 28% every year.

WooCommerce is intended for those users who need eCommerce functionality in their WordPress website.  But, it offers less support or help in any case you require. WooCommerce can be integrated and customized easily.

Winner: BigCommerce


Overall, BigCommerce is more user-friendly than WooCommerce. It attains the ability to provide a base to develop an outstanding website with regular maintenance and support.  Although BigCommerce demands familiarity with the learning curve, once you are proficient in doing so, you are good to go.

It does not require any technical expertise for development. BigCommerce can assist you in hosting, domain and security and Wildcard SSL certificate.

Whereas WooCommerce is somehow a confusing platform. Its requires more efforts to set up and run an online store, so, it is quite tricky and tough. You should be familiar with the technical skills to use WooCommerce.

Winner: BigCommerce

Easy Adaptability

Don’t you want that when the visitors approach your eCommerce website, they feel pleased with the engaging design? First impression is the last impression. Big Commerce has seven free themes, with premium themes costs from $145 to $245.  It is seen that more than 300% of the repeating customers are spending than newbies.

WooCommerce has 14 themes with a cost of  $39 for premium themes. The storefronts of WooCommerce are cheaper and customizable than BigCommerce.  Customization is a case of BigCommerce is stiffer but plain.

You can edit the font, text size, promotional banners, navigation placement and page layouts. So, it can be said that it is an editing interface. In the case of mobile responsiveness, both platforms stand out.

Winner: WooCommerce

Ecommerce Functionalities

BigCommerce wins when it is a matter of features and tools. It has plenty of built-in features, such as Multi-channel integration, SSL security, promotion code and discount creation, abandoned cart recovery, analytical tracking and reporting tools. With abandoned cart recovery feature, you can recover approximately 25% of the lost sales.

WooCommerce even has few but excellent features, such as One-click refunds, limitless customization and blogging.

BigCommerce has more variety as a comparison to WooCommerce. It let you manage the eCommerce store easily from multi-channel integration to abandoned cart recovery.

Winner: BigCommerce

Search Engine Optimization

It is a close-run contest when it is about Search engine optimization (SEO).  They both can enhance your eCommerce website ranking in the search engines, like, Google, Bing and Yahoo.

BigCommerce let you customize the URL slugs, amend meta titles and details, integration of alt text and keyword support.

With WooCommerce, you can customize the URLs slugs, change of descriptions and meta titles and combination of image alt text.  WooCommerce lacks in providing some of the additional benefits that are necessary, such as SSL security. It is critical because it let Google know that your eCommerce website is secure for those who are visiting.

Winner: BigCommerce

Concluding Remarks

WooCommerce and BigCommerce both have a different set of functionalities, but, it can be concluded that BigCommerce is a champ. It can reach a wider audience.  So, if you are planning to own an eCommerce website, then BigCommerce is a recommendation. Convert your dream into reality with its exceptional features and support.

We hope this article helped you in deciding which platform to choose when it is about your business website.  Please let us know if you liked this article in the comment section below. Your suggestions and queries are always welcome. Thanks for reading!!

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