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Latest Web Navigation Design Trends in 2016

Web Design Services has been evolved since last few years and so their navigation trends. There is a boom in number of websites these days. You search a keyword and it will show hundreds of websites related to it. Be it commercial websites, entertainment websites, informational websites and many more, their navigation trends to attract the visitors and to make it easy and user friendly have been continuously evolving. Here are some latest navigation trends of different websites. Some of these are already widely used, while others keep trending towards modern web design.

Commercial sites

Online shopping is a total in these days. Just a click on a particular item and it is delivered to your door. Shopping sites generally known as product based sites use “create a log in account” way to navigate it thoroughly or to use it properly.  These also include images as a navigating tool. Moreover, many flash images of hot contents or discount vouchers of the websites runs throughout the site. It usually attracts the visitor and currently is in trend.

Entertainment sites

A large proportion of web navigation undoubtedly goes to entertainment sites where a visitor is allowed to play their choices’ videos or listen to their favorite music. Although some of them also ask for a login account due to parental advisory but usually these can be navigated easily by clicking on the particular video or song or game. However, these are the basic and general ways to navigate into a site but as lately Youtube has categorized its videos according to the genre, is an example of latest navigation trend.

Moreover, a video contains another link for another page can also be seen these days. Its irritating though but these are a prominent factor in web navigation.

Infotainment sites

Similarly with news, educational, personal, and government websites, navigation basic trends remain the same. But color dominance can be seen among these sites. A particularly dominant color takes most of the navigating buttons just to get distinguished from other content buttons. For example – Lok sabha website presently shows video of current event continuously. Moreover, these websites also provides language toggle button to navigate easily in English or Hindi.

Social media

It is an era of social media Facebook, twitter, linkedin and many more websites continuously updating their navigation trends. Usually these sites come with a trend of “follow”. Started earlier this trend will stay for some time for sure.

Other updated trends:

Web Design Company has also made its way in the market. All the sites come with a natural font and title resizing. They fit horizontally and vertically automatically in order to remain accessible onto a larger and smaller screen which keep all the menus aligned and distinctive.

Sticky menu is a kind of a menu that sticks to the top or edge of the screen while scrolling. It is a standard tool for one-pagers. To show your position on a page, while using hierarchical menus, it creates a widget by combining with a scrollspy script.

These are the changing trends. To understand them and to keep updated you have to look over the website of your favorite Web Design Company, to check their navigation properties. Trends are to be changed but as far as website navigation trends are concerned some of them are going to stay. These websites also have feedback button. You can also be a part of changing the trend.