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PSD to WordPress Conversion-Adopt by Most of Websites

Most of you are thinking that what PSD to WordPress conversion is. One can find different choices of conversion service web development industry. Discussing about WordPress, it is one of the best open source content management system that comes with other CMS development software. This type of conversion is mostly used to create websites and blogs.

PSD to WordPress is the primary step, if you want to start designing and development in your website. Although, PSD to WordPress conversion is quite tough to do, but if you are following various steps, which are given in this article, it becomes easy one.

Study of PSD files– First of all, one can have to make analysis to PSD files whether it is tough to convert into WordPress files or not.

Transforming PSD to HTML– After making analysis, developer has to breaks PSD-file into HTML format and makes header div and footer div. after breaking the entire file, developer breaks makes parts like body, logo, and website name and also adds navigation keys.

Slicing PSD-file– After breaking PSD to HTML, slicing should be done, which is essential for PSD to WordPress conversion. After slicing step, different types of buttons, links and text boxes as per design requirements are to be added.

The structure of file– Separate files are to created by the slicing developer for each code file such as Index.php for the file contain PHP code, Index.html for the file contains HTML code and Style.css for the file containing CSS code.

PSD to HTML then CSS– It is quite tough to upload PSDfiles in web browsers. So, developers are converting PSDfiles into HTML and after that into CSS for better quality. This formula is known as PSD to CSS conversion.

Incorporate in WordPress– PSD to HTML and CSS conversion is to be incorporated into WordPress format.

Testing– Last but not least, testing is to be done, which is final step of PSD to XHTML conversion process. In web development, it is one of the important parts. All conversion files are tested in all major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.

After following above steps, one can easily make conversion of PSD to WordPress. It is not as easy as you are thinking. Developer has to learn proper skills so to go through proper steps. Hiring professional developer for your web development project is best option to make site attractive and accessible.

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