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PhoneGap- Deploy Your Web Based Skills to Multiple platforms

Mobile phones have become a necessity in our daily life to fulfil our personal and business needs and also made life convenient to a large extent. The demand for mobiles and smart phones is increasing day by day. Accordingly, there are many frameworks emerging to make mobile application development quick and easy.


PhoneGap is an open source and cross-platform development framework which in-turn have lots of advantages. It has got it unique identity among all other frameworks as it is the only open source that supports seven[7] platforms namely iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Palm, Symbain, Blackberry by using JavaScript and HTML. One can add PhoneGap Plugins to the projects and also can access native features.


Some of its great features are:

  • One can use built-in features of a mobile device such as instant messaging, location services and push notifications.
  • The apps can be scattered to multiple platforms through app stores.
  • PhoneGap applications are user-friendly and also highly functional.
  • It allows easy interaction with mobile device hardware such as Accelerometer, Geolocation and so on.


Here at Xhtmljunkies, we have highly committed PhoneGap developers resulting to produce better applications. We are glad to say that our team have successfully delivered our first project based on PhoneGap technology and got appreciation from Client who is really satisfied with our quality work.

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