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Basic Overview of HTML

HTML means HyperText Markup Language. This markup language is a set of markup tags. HTML is not a programming language like C,C++ etc… It is a markup language. You can create a webpage with the help of HTML. In HTML we are using a varieties of tags and attributes. There are lots of Tags and elements. Tags are one type of labels and use of the tags to mark up the beginning and end of an element. The HTML is start with its structure <HTML><HEAD>…and ends with the </HTML></HEAD>. The extension of the HTML files is .HTML. The elements h1,h2,h3…h6 are useful to defined the HTML tags.

The body tag is the content of the document. <body>…</body>. The title tage defined the title of the document <title>….</title>

For EX:
<title>Title of the document</title>
The content of the document……

The alignment defined different alignments. Align attribute is useful to change the horizontal location of your elements.

For Ex :

<h2 align=”center”>centered heading</h2>

<h2 align=”left”>lefted heading</h2>

<h2 align=”right”>righted heading</h2>

HTML documents defined by different HTML elements. Its starts with the start tag and ends with the end tag. For ex. <p>…</p>, <br>…</br> and many more. HTML elements have different attributes. Attributes defined in the start tag. Attributes is the additional information of the document. Attributes ends with the quotes Create a Sitemap in WordPress

For ex:<h1 title=”Hello”>Title with Heading Tag</h1>

HTML paragraphs defined with the <p> tag. Its also ends with the </p>. <p>First paragraph</p>. If you want to break the line in the paragraph than using a <br> tag. <p>This is a one <br/>line and <br/> it is a second line</p>.

In HTML links are defined using the <a> tag. You can link another document with the help of link tag. <a href=”“>your text</a>.

The <font> tag is used to defined font size, font style and font color of the text of the content. The default font size is 3. The range of the font is 1 to 7.

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