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New Social Networks That You Haven’t Heard of

Everyone knows that Facebook and Twitter are the largest social media across the world. But the new social networks are started exploring new avenues to share and interacting with each other. Also you can send an image across all the people in a room and get feedback for it.


Here are some of them, have a look at it.

  • Chirp: It is the best way to send with a sound. Your phone emits high pitched robotic squeak and the other phones with audio range pick up the sound and download the photo or message instantly. It saves lots of time rather than sharing it on facebook by selecting each friend and tagging them or bluetooth by pairing.
  • Flayvr: Here you can share your photos effortlessly. This app automatically organizes your videos and photos into creative albums. It even pulls location, date and titles from your iphone calender which makes things easy for you. You can easily share the photos and albums with your friends and family by social media or using email.
  • Chirpify: It is a truly chirpy way to deal. Here you can buy and pay with just the words. This can be useful for noble causes like fundraising, charity, donations, giveaways etc. You can send money to your friend via twitter by just typing “pay” and “buy” when something you want to buy and its all yours.


  • Conversations: Conversations brings the domain of the social media into a corporate setup. A team can interact with eachother as facebook users posts a status and others comment on it. This is private to the members involved in conversation.


  • Pheed: This is completely for the business minded. The idea behind it is why to share something for free when you can sell them. It is a forum where you can sell your images, videos and thoughts at a subscription rate.
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