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New Etouch Pens to Convert Your Old Monitor Into Touch Screen

Touch screen devices has a huge demand in the market. The new etouch pen facilitates the conversion of non-touch based laptop or PC into touch screen devices. It is especially designed for Windows 8 operating system as it provides an ultimate experience for touch devices. It can also be used for PC’s running on Windows 7. This device is far more better than using mouse even though you cannot use your fingers directly on screen, but gives a fluid and pretty good response while using it.

The device mainly works on combination of ultrasonic and infrared technology. It consists of two parts i.e., receiver which is clipped onto the screen and stylus pen which acts as transmitter. The signals are transmitted to the receiver.It is operated by using a battery which has few brushes at the end that can pick up the vibrations when it is moving. It includes components like a cordless electronic pen and detachable USB cable connector.One can draw,edit and write on the screen by using this device as well as perform many other functions. There is no need for installing additional drivers or softwares. It is gaining its demand among all other devices by its attractive features.

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