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MVC Pattern-Simplifying The Coding Methodologies

After PHP came into existence, people have been working to improve its standards to make it much faster development language and came up with many open source solutions. After then frameworks have been introduced to keep things clear and unique and to make it easier to understand the code to anybody and keep on customizing it. MVC (Model View Controller) is proven to be the best framework which is used to make things simple and more flexible. And it can also be used with other programming languages like JAVA and .Net.


MVC framework is separated into Models, Views and Controllers. Models are responsible for program logic. Views are responsible to handle the user interfaces and visual options and Controllers works in between and handles all transactions in the system. The main beneficial aspects of it are one can re-use the object code and its really easy to change some part of your code that makes less development and maintenance cost.


The following are some of the benefits of MVC:


  • Suitable User Interface.

  • Easier to change user interfaces.

  • Multiple simultaneous views of the same model.

  • Easy to test.

  • With MVC, one can deliver a different view based upon the type of device.

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