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Most Crazy Development Technologies That Refuse to Die

Technologies are changing so quickly that developers are forced to learn new things day by day. Where as some are so hard to replace as they are maintained for decades being rewritten but never actually replaced. Here are some technologies that will be using for longer time.

  • COBOL: It is probably all over the place. It is the most important that there are millions of lines of COBOL code is written which powering banks and insurance companies.

  • VBA: VBA is the macro language for Microsoft office and many people depends upon it doing their jobs.

  • .NET: Developers used WinForms to make applications. Microsoft is replacing WinForms with XAML, Silverlight and Metro. There are tons of WinForm applications were built leading to the fast rise of .NET.

  • C: Thousands upon thousands of developers learnt C and used it to write thousands of cutting-edge applications. The popularity of C will ensure that it will be used for application development.

  • FLASH: Flash is everywhere. There will be existing Flash work for ages and will be maintained and extended.

  • FORTRAN: It is the language for certain industries and sectors and replacing its code is highly impossible. It runs things like weather prediction where COBOL runs the banks.

  • SQL: It is no surprise that SQL language itself is there in spades. Many developers find a need to write SQL and if anyone stop writing SQL by hand after some time, though there would be systems that automatically generating it anyway.

  • JAVA: It is a strong, vibrant ecosystem. It is often called as the ‘modern day COBOL’ by industry observers. It has made impressive inroads that hold a prime spot in the world of big iron.

  • HTML: HTML is now a widely popular development sytem which has enabled an unimaginable revolution that how computers are used. IT is hard to imagine a computing world without HTML5 or its descendants in future.

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