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Modern IE for Developers by Microsoft

Microsoft introduced the new IE, a set of tools to make developers easy to write better code across a variety of browsers and operating systems. The new site serves to promote web standards and help developers to avoid mistakes like only supporting web kit browsers. It is simple ,easy to use and is very smooth which is a part of Microsoft’s idea to spend less time for testing and more time for building extra ordinary sites.

It also announced its patnership with Browserstack which is a leading browser testing service to test one’s website on any browser and on any operating system. Three months of free service is available for developers who visit browserstack via modern IE. It created add-ins for browsers using chrome and firefox which gives a single click access to the Browserstack service. Also Microsoft faciliatates with free virtual images for developers to download and run local versions of IE for testing with Windows, Linux, Mac or PC. Microsoft incorpated multiple changes in the product including adopting automatic updates to attract customers to the latest version of IE. It has also introduced platform previews for early developers to give feedback and modern web standards with advanced touch capabilities which is accepted by the web developer community.

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