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Microsoft working on its Windows and Windows phone platforms

Microsoft is taking a further step to unify its Windows and Windows phone platforms. It is planning to make the windows apps shareable under the Windows umbrella. Currently, windows phone apps cannot be sold on Windows store which contains Metro UI style apps without adequate modifications.

Windows 8 store has 35,000 apps. Microsoft is adding applications to the windows store at a rate of 415 apps per day. Microsoft officials claims that a considerable amount of code reuse is possible between Windows phone apps to be moved to Windows 8 or Windows RT. Where as developers says that lot more work is needed to put while making applications shift platforms. A smooth transition will be need to made as Microsoft has admitted in the past that the developer platforms for Windows phone 8 and Windows 8 are similar but not the same. Many users are excited to see some of their favourite applications from one platform available on the other often a cross platform compatibility. Microsoft is planning to make the platforms very even so that one can buy app form Windows phone 8 store and making it run on all windows 8 devices.

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