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5 Apps to Help You Manage Your Contracting Business on the Go

Smartphones have become integral parts of our lives. However, not everyone thinks about how they can be used to grow their business. You may take calls and send emails from your phone, but have you explored the many apps which can help you to better manage your business? Many of the things you do manually or on a desktop computer can be done while you’re on the go if you have the right apps in the palm of your hand. Here are some apps which can help with everything from preparing estimates to collecting payments and responding to injuries or illness on the job site.

1. FieldPulse

This comprehensive app is useful for contractors in several fields including electrical, remodeling and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. FieldPulse makes it easy to assign personnel to jobs and provide them with all the notes, files and photos they need in one location. You can quickly see who is available for work and track the status of those already on jobs. There is also the option of tracking workers using electronic time tracking and location monitoring.

This iOS, Android, and computer WebApp allows you to create esthetically pleasing invoices and estimates no matter where you are in Mobile App Development. You can easily keep track of payments, and with the Square integration, you can collect payments in the field.

2. TurboBid

TurboBid is an estimating app which is particularly useful for small and medium-sized contractors. It can help you to complete estimates for any type of work including remodeling, new residential and light commercial. Whether you have flat rate pricing or you charge per service, you can use TurboBid. The app’s database includes material prices from Trade Service and up to five vendors. This information is updated electronically when it changes. You can use TurboBid to calculate how long an installation will take based on a particular labor unit. All this information helps you to present potential clients with comprehensive bids and reports. TurboBid offers live online training, tutorials, and live chat to help you get the most from the app.

3. Procore

Procore is a cloud-based app which helps contractors in the construction industry improve their communication and record-keeping, thereby boosting efficiency and accountability. You can manage your projects from any device which is connected to the Internet. Procure enables users to collaborate on projects and view contracts, building plans, requests for information, and other documents. You can include various parties involved in the project such as engineers, architects, and management firms so everyone has access to the same information.

4. PlanGrid

PlanGrid is a relatively simple app which can be used to manage drawings for construction projects of all sizes. It allows you to ensure every member of the team has access to the most recent building plans. You post updates to a cloud server and share them with everyone. If someone is looking at one of the older images, PlanGrid will alert them that there is a more recent version.  PlanGrid doesn’t only facilitate the sharing of drawings but also specifications, punch lists, progress photos, and field reports.

5. Red Cross First Aid

Even with the best safety and health practices, injuries and illness can occur on the job site. While it is essential to have a first aid kit nearby at all times, this isn’t enough. It’s unlikely that all your team members will know what to do in every situation. The Red Cross First Aid app gives you step by step instructions for handling head injuries, broken bones, burns, asthma attacks, and other common occurrences. You can even call 911 from the app if you need further assistance. The app also includes videos, animations, and quizzes to help you prepare for emergencies. The information is available offline so you can work through the content at any time. You will also benefit from safety tips which are helpful during natural disasters.

If you have a smartphone, you have a powerhouse in your pocket which can help you to manage several aspects of your business. If you’re not yet sure which apps you need, think about the processes which you currently perform manually or on a desktop computer. Chances are there’s an app which can help you to do the same things even when you’re away from the office.


Marie Erhart is a Success Manager at FieldPulse, creators of field service software that lets you run your entire contracting business from a single app. She works with contractors to help them grow their business using best practices.

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