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Impress.js – One Of The Most Fascinating Presentation Tool On The Horizon

Are you really get bored with that typical presentations build up in some presentation software and that too purely platform dependent? Do you want something more innovative and cool way to present your idea and that too fully platform independent? Then just look at this, we already have it!

impress.js is one such library which can really help you to prepare absolutely cool and innovative presentation. using just impress.js and css3 properties you can create fantastic presentations which can do nothing but simply IMPRESS the viewers of your presentation.

The basic idea of impress.js is came from, a presentation tool which allows you to create amazing 3D presentations with its dedicated software called ‘Prezzy Desktop’. But its CHARGEABLE, and the and that too with very heavy charges, so developers of impress.js thought why to give this much of financial resources to create just cool presentations, while we have power of JS and CSS3 in our hands? and they created this awesome open source presentation tool to really impress your viewers.

Using impress.js you can make your presentations having flip, rotate, scale, zoom, dive in and out and much more that too in 3D interface. Its CSS friendly even so you can have almost infinite styling options to customise your each and every presentations. Now the most important advantage in today’s scene : impress.js is simply a javascript library that is compatible with CSS3, it means ‘its platform independent’ ! You can view your presentations on any browser which supports javascript and css3 well! Now isn’t it IMPRESSIVE enough?

Further it has quite nice community support on github and much learning resources and samples can be found on various github profiles easily. Even one book to use impress.js is also published which is really very useful to work with impress.js.


Hers are some links to get easy with impress.js :

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