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HTML5 Support for the Visual Studio 2010

Nowadays, most of webmasters prefer HTML5 as it can be easily played with in Visual Studio. Visual Studio is very simple to use as old tools can be easily moved to new one. One of the best things about HTML5 is that you can easily integrate HTML5 into ASP.NET applications. Previously, it is very messing task to handle HTML5, but now, one can easily get support HTML5 in Visual Studio 2010. The W3C classifies the most recent HTML language with an intention to review as the HTML5 Working Draft and HTML5 Editor’s Draft. These drafts are some exciting updates and changes that are done for HTML coding practices.

Those people, who don’t want to read the lengthy official specifications, for them Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group offered HTML5, which is a technical specification for web developers. Since 2004, the progress of HTML into the HTML5 specification had been started along with original W3C workshops. After some period of time, in 2007, WHATWG started contributing in this development and it should be expected that this project will be completed around 2020 or 2022. Well-experienced people of Mozilla Foundation, Apple, and Opera Software are making its efforts for achieving a single web standard.

The developers of ASP.NET have been inquired about HTML5 & CSS3 support and at present, the public availability of Visual Studio Web Standards Update is revealed that comes up with a load of HTML5 & CSS3 support to Visual Studio 2010 SP1. Those, who are using Visual Studio 2010 SP1, for them VS Web Standards Update are available for free of cost as it is free extension. This extension offers HTML5 & CSS3 support, which is based on current W3C specifications.

With VS Web Standards Update, user can enjoy some of the most common HTML5 features such as Video & related tags, Audio & related tag, Drag & Drop support, Accessibility standard WAI-ARIA, Microdata, & more SEO friendly goodness, New input types like email, url, date, etc. whereas CSS3 modules include 2D Transforms, 3D Transforms, Animations, Background & Borders, Basic Box Model, Basic UI, Hyperlink Presentation, Media Queries, etc. Web Standards Update supports IE specific prefixes like –ms along with other vendor prefixes such as –webkit and –moz, which is best quality of it.

Browser APIs:-

Geo-Location:- One can enjoy full intellisense and validation within Visual Studio in order to make websites that are location aware. If you want to check sample, then you can visit

Local Storage:- Now, you can get full fidelity intellisense with Visual Studio for creating sites that can save state within browser as local storage from IE8 onwards has supported by IE. For samples, visit                                                                                                                          

Note:-  Read more about HTML5                                          

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