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How to Design Your E-commerce Portal Efficiently ??


With the inception of internet, the age of science and technology has opened the assorted streets for all the e-business units in order to measure the success. In this age of internet users, the online shopping becomes extremely common and popular as there are numbers of people who are using internet for shopping. In order to make your online business successful, it is one of the most important points for you to design your portal or web store effectively and attractively.

Make sure that it is capable of showing all the products and services successfully that means to attraction visitors in huge number over others. B this way, you are not only able to increase the sales generating revenue but it will also help you to satisfying your marketing objectives. However, it is important to design portal on the most popular e-commerce platform so Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce carts that will surly add extra amount of spark to your online business. These days, numbers of big as well as small businesses are using this platform in order to design their e-commerce solutions efficiently.

One can say that it is strong open source framework that has gained lots of popularity in the market due to its innovative features and benefits that you can gain. Magento contains various and large community with numbers of modules, features and enhancements. By using this platform, portal designed is completely safe and secure, easy-to-use, feature-rich, cost effective and best. The best marketing search engine optimization and catalog management tools provides excellent flexibility to the online traders and store administrators in terms of content and functionality of the store.

The below are some tips that a portal developer has to keep in mind while designing a B2B and B2C e-commerce site:

Make sure to Secure Payment Methods:

One of the most important features of an e-commerce portal is security. You can find various online stores which lose their sales due to unsecured payment gateways so that it is most important to keep your payment methods secure. By using Magento CMS for your portal designing, you can keep your payments methods safe. Magento provides approximately 50 safe and secured payment gateways that allow immediate transactions. It also enables customers to make payments using any of these methods. At present in the market, magento payment gateways are one of the most popular as well as trusted mode of online transactions. Through its rocking features, you can build the trust of customers and can convince the visitors to visit your online store.

Easy to use and hassle free Navigations:

It is important to be tailored e-commerce websites with the expediency of the consumers and online traders. If your portal is simple and easy to navigate then it may lead to generate huge sales because customers can find all the products and information easily and effortlessly in a click. For product and services, no prospects like to spend much time on searching as he/she intends to purchase. In the interface itself, everything must be clearly visible so that the consumer searches the product that he/she is searching the product he/ she is looking for without wasting much time.

Striking Design:

As everyone knows that designing an e-commerce portal wants some extra knowledge and skills because it is quite dissimilar as compare to normal websites. For every online business, a portal is much important, however, it is must be designed in different way that it makes income by attracting the target audiences. It must have a reliable look with attractive colors.

Make use of optimized and quality images:

In the portal, the images that used, should be of high resolution and well optimized. As we all know that well optimized picture can saves your lots of time and also allows the visitors to enjoy their purchasing and provide them amazing experience. It is also most important to use quality pictures that will also add quality to your website. Well, the zoom on click gives much better visibility of the products.

Remember to use SEO friendly & customized themes: If you will make use of customizable and SEO friendly themes then you will not only add look and feel of the website but you are also optimizing the content of your entire website and driving traffic to your website by increasing its SEO ranking. By using magento theme, you can customize the themes of your portal as per your business need and can generate more and more traffic to your business profits.

Effectual Shopping Carts: If your shopping cart is effective and attractive then it allows for easy additions, cancellations and modifications of products. It is important that carts and checkout point s must be tactically placed so that the client can access his cart without any trouble or checkout anytime. As compare to other shopping carts, Magento shopping cart is completely best and effective to customize a portal offering the website owners with unlimited calculations and suppleness.

Browser Compatibility: A person must have to check how it looks and works on other browsers while designing a website. There are numbers of people who are surfing the web with various computers and from different browsers versions. Think, if your web is not obtainable in an appealing manner in other browsers then there are lots of chances which you might lose a hoard of purchasers. By using magento themes, portals designed are tested against all major browsers like Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE6/7/8, Firefox and more.

Conclusion: It is extremely important to have a good e-commerce portal and a good portal is clear, simple, easy to navigate and good looking. It must be slight and competent of attracting the visitors to spend more time searching for their requirements and finally end up in purchasing the products of their choice. Make sure to create best looking and easy functional e-commerce portal which is considered a key to success of your online business. To make positive image of your business, creating a good portal is much important. As it can also attract lots customers and improve business relationships.

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