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How to design a Travel and Tourism Website Using the Inbuilt

Travel and tourism industry today has taken its giant form because of this ever-persistent need for some happy and stress-free hours. We all are forced to live a mundane and workaholic life which makes these breaks in the form of a holiday a dire necessity. Hence, the industry, which was neglected or was considered a menial market, have now formed this intricate global network mapping the whole of Earth.

 But, do you know the main reason behind the widespread popularity of this area? From where do we get insights about these tour packages and deals?

 The most obvious answer would be the Internet, with several websites, portals and blogs with their fresh and tempting content and offerings. But not all of them enjoy equal success, right? The success lies in forming a unique and exciting website along with some stand-alone core features.

 WordPress website designer serves as a medium to give your website a fresh and tempting outlook. WordPress offers the website hoisters a string as innumerable plugins which are both flexible and supportive in the functioning of the content management system. With WordPress, along with its customization options, is best suited for virtual marketing. The WordPress web development is easily installed and can be availed from a simple computer system as well.

 What does WordPress web development add to your travel and tourism website?

WordPress adds several incorporate and salient features to your website, transforming it into a profitable marketing media.

1. As the interface plays the most crucial role in giving the website its legit place on the Internet, the WordPress web designers make sure to give your site the best graphical representation possible.

2. The portfolio of a travel and tourism website is built in collaboration with the plugins available in the WordPress.

3. WordPress is among the best content management systems, and hence, it backs your photo gallery along with the apt blog or travelogue or a destination guide.

4. All the buttons available for the navigation and search boxes are supported by WordPress and are laid out in a very sophisticated manner to make your website presentable.

5. WordPress web development also offers an interface for your pay-modes and commercial exchanges.

6. WordPress is also known for promoting your travel and tourism website by the aid of several social media platforms.

 To give you a further glimpse of these travel and tourism themes here is a shortlist comprising of the most used customizable themes for building a popular tourism website using WordPress website designer:


 Voyage is a customizable theme developed by Themefuse and supported by WordPress web development. The theme is beautiful, receptive, efficient and easily customizable by the general user. The travel-friendly theme also supports several options such as maps, attractions, visually compelling calendars for bookings and essential events etc.


 Book your Travel is a one place stoppage for those who seek all the popular features of WordPress web designer at one go. The theme is considered to be a gold mine for those who are looking for an integrated travel and tourism website. The site offers enhanced features such as bookings and reservations management system, full WooCommerce support and personalized inquiry forms.


Cousteau is famous among the travel and tourism website users as a painter of perfect holidays and vacay. The site offers breezy images of the destinations and is a delight for visual sensations. The WordPress web development easily supports the drag and drop page builder by Cousteau and thus making it popular among the website owners. Other qualities of Cousteau include a superfluous search panel and elegant, customizable layouts. Cousteau is also one of the most straightforward web development plugin theme to work upon.


Trendy Travel is an all-rounder multitasking travel and tourism theme supporting the inbuilt feature of drag and drop page building. On top of it, the theme also enables the problem-free networking between the owner and the site viewer as the theme is easily compatible with bbPress and BuddyPress, so the interaction taking place is somewhat more comfortable compared to the others. The theme also supports a revolutioner slider inside it.


As it is evident from the name itself, Magellan gives your site a comprehensive approach. The theme is popular among the users because of the extensively advanced features it provides while building a full-fledged tourism site. The theme is easily customizable because of the elements present in it. The theme because of a customizable post area and built-in short-codes is known for the quick responses it generates in the site.


 The theme is specially designed for the WooCommerce and the Shop Pages and isotopic filters. The catchy representation of the theme enables your website to support all the exotic and beautiful pictures and videos, along with the required data.

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