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How to Boost ROI Through Your WordPress Website’s Footer

The objective behind the creation of an online avenue for a business is to broaden the customer base in order to generate more revenue and the whole structure of the website should be optimally utilized for the purpose. Designers, as well as owners, focus on the header and the main body, investing time and resources on their layout and content forgetting that with innovative thinking it is possible to boost ROI through website’s footer as well. Let’s take a look at how this can be made possible.

Organization of the Section

Everyone knows that the links placed in the footer are important for the purpose of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but that does not mean that one should mindlessly stuff the segment with them. An assessment of the overall strategy and the desired goal will aid in arranging the content in a logical way in separate blocks. Create organized columns of different categories and put all the appropriate items in them using a neat layout facilitating easy navigation by a user. Columns are beneficial as they automatically sort the different types but keep in mind that the lists should not be overpopulated. There are numerous options for such modifications in WordPress and a lot of owners, therefore, convert their websites into other formats like PSD to WordPress to take advantage of the beneficial features of the framework.

Clear Motive

Clarity of thought regarding the purpose of the footer will help in finalizing the format and composition of the division. Using it as an extra avenue for displaying navigational links or placing an additional call to action button- the choice depends on the approach of the owner whether he/ she wants to use it for optimization purposes or generate a sale through it. There cannot be a definite answer or a specific advice for this as the target and the rationale behind it vary from person to person and therefore it becomes mandatory to make an exhaustive evaluation of the intent of having the online outlet. The benefit of this practice will not be visible only in case of the footer but throughout the whole website as complete organization will be well- structured and in line with achieving the set goal.

Compulsory Information

There is always some data that has to be mandatorily displayed whether due to legal reasons or otherwise like the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy or any licenses and all such information must be inserted in the section. This part can also be utilized for building up the image of the company through the display of any credentials or certifications earned by the firm. In this way, this part can be exploited for disseminating information as well as promotional purposes. The sitemap, a critical part of the optimization process, is another important component which must be placed here. Other pertinent information like contact details including all phone numbers, the email must also be placed here so as to make it easy for any interested person to get in touch. A map location must also be positioned as users find it convenient to use them for guidance. The exhibition of all such details is necessary as it imparts credibility to the organization and therefore is helpful in encouraging visitors to make business inquiries.

Navigational Tool

People are using various devices other than the usual computer for browsing and though owners are investing in fully responsive online setups even then a user may find traversing a website on a mobile phone a cumbersome process and on not finding the desired item may get off it. The bottom-most part of your online avenue can be used to address this problem by putting all the links that have been inserted in the drop-down menu in the header, here also. A visitor may scroll down in search of a link and on finding it will not only stay on the website but may even decide to avail the service.

Social Networking

One of the most popular ways to boost ROI through website’s footer is to harness the social aspect of the organization by placing social sharing buttons on all the platforms that the group has a presence on. It is common knowledge that users love to spend time on networking sites and this fact can be used for increasing the engagement of visitors by guiding them to the accounts. The feeds from these can also be placed here as this also increases the chances of audience interaction which can always be used for customer generation.

Innovative Use

It is common practice to put all the general information like contact details and sitemap in this division but the potential of this segment to generate revenue for the owner can be magnified if some unconventional ideas are implemented. A back to the top or primary call to action button placement is usual exercise and is effective too but the insertion of tips on matters related to the business vertical the website is catering to apart from placing appealing images with info-graphics can attract more eyeballs.


These methods to boost ROI through the website’s footer are extremely beneficial for any entrepreneur looking to increase the margin of profit as undertaking minor modifications to the segment will help in increasing productivity of the outfit.

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