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How Basecamp Helps IT Companies?

Basecamp is one of the best web based project management tool. It manages your project by sharing files, track time, manage and add comments to the ‘To-Do’ list, create project milestones and events. We can manage Basecamp on Android and iPhone apps.

Basecamp is very easy to use and it gives proper guideline with FAQ, video tutorials and documents ( It works on latest browsers without installation hassles. You can get a basic idea by availing the ‘Trial period sign in’. In Basecamp, you can create a project by selecting from a collection of templates.

After creating a project, you can invite people and add ‘To-Do’ list for invited people. You can assign a ‘To do’ list for your team with comments. You can share files with other project participants.


Basecamp provides daily recap to all users. Invite your clients to Basecamp and share documents with them without having to mail them separately. You can ‘hide’ documents that are only for internal team’s consumption. You can add your team member to the client’s team by setting required permission. Three permissions are defined in Basecamp: Admin or Account Owner, Billing liaisons and Can create projects.

Admin or Account Owner can see all accounts and projects, delete project items, remove users and grant Admin permissions to other people. Billing liaisons can upgrade or downgrade your account plan and update credit card information on file. They can ‘cancel’ or ‘pause’ an account. They do not have Admin powers. Can create projects allows a project member to create projects. Only Admin users and clients can see projects to which they have been invited. They can only see people in their company and the people with whom they share a project.

In Basecamp, we can discuss project issues and concerns between your team and the client’s team. You can share your project details with clients / team members and get a feedback. You can share your documents and images also along with notes and / or comments which will be visible to all participants. All projects discussion will be available via email notification.

You can create groups and companies to categorize your team. Only Admins and Account Owners can create companies. Create groups within your company by clicking the ‘Add a group’ link below the company. Invite any company or group to a project and send a notification to the entire company or group.

Basecamp tracks every task in your account. It will show completed and outstanding tasks which makes it clear about task assigned to each individual. In a project, any member can add project related items. In ‘Calendar’ option, you can manage events or deadlines for your projects. You can create single-day events or multiple day’s events in calendars.


Basecamp helps to coordinate project activities at one place which makes it easier for the project management team to retrieve any information. Basecamp’s growing popularity is a proof of its success as a project management tool.

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