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Follow Your Business Clientele with Follow-Up Management System

FMS stands for Follow-Up Management System, which is one of the powerful software that is helpful for following old clients. Using follow up management, one can also create new potential business customers. It is one of the best means of communication that includes number of tools such as emails, phones, newsletter and post card. It is one of the best software that helpful in adding new appointment, call note and so many other things. After finishing your call, you can simply add all the details of call.

Follow-Up Management System is specifically designed for whole business process that is directed towards new clientele, retaining existing one, and helpful in establishing a product status. We can say that, Follow-Up Management process is quite difficult one as it includes lead generation, capturing lead intelligence, filtering leads and also allocate qualified leads to the marketing team.

The main aim of Follow-Up Management System is to record all the details of clients and manage it with proper manner so it results into increase in income and ROI for business. Now, you must be like to know how it works. First of all, you have to login in your account by inserting user name and password. For adding user in your account, you have to click on “Add User” option by inserting information such as name, password, and user type and email address.

One can easily track their entire contact details and perform other activities as well. After completing entire, task of “ADD” option, you can view all your contacts from “View All” option. For adding number of leads, one can take help of “Add lead” option and insert information like name, address, email address, company name, status, etc. of your client. Even, user can easily create short URL by adding URL on Googleplace URL option.

Report can also be found here along with comment, status and latest call date. Another option of “CSV Upload” is also given for uploading CSV data. It is must to save file with .csv extension. Use follow-up Management System in best manner and complete your task as per your wish!!

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