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Difference Between Freelancers & Web Development Companies

In today’s thriving internet market, many reputable corporates have invested a considerable amount of money into website designing in hopes to create a good online presence.There are so many website designers & freelance designers in the market to provide you the best solution for your online business so it becomes hard for any business to decide whom to hire. Here, there are some guidelines to help you in selecting and recognizing the differences between hiring a freelance designer & a reputable website designing company.

Freelancers :

1. It is less expensive than a website developing company as there is a one person in freelancing and so that they don’t have worries about overhead costs.

2. Freelancers are not bound to any customer satisfaction guarantee & any specific guidelines.

3. In compare to website developers, freelancers have less experience & knowledge.

4. As there is a single person, there are limited imaginations of designing.

5. Solutions are often outdated forcing the company to redo their website within the next year or two costing the client more in the long run.

6. There is no guarantee that the person will be loyal to you after getting paid. (It’s often heard when any company hires freelancers that they leaves projects in between after getting money.)

7. Freelancers do not offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It means your site will never be ranked in Search engines so that your potential clients will never reach you.

Website development companies

1. A reputable corporate provides you some sort of customer satisfaction guarantee.

2. Here, you’ll be benefitted by expertise knowledge of developers & designers.

3. Web development companies tend to have more knowledge of current web trends & programming languages and therefore they’re experts in providing you with an up to date web solutions.

4. Web development companies Can offer you complete solutions web consulting, hosting packages, search engine optimization, special ecommerce solutions and any other specific needs you may have for your website preventing you from having to search for multiple independent individuals in order to complete one project.

5. A firm has the advantage of being able to propose you a complete web solutions package including all the project management.

6. Web development companies have their office location where you can meet & discuss your project.

7. Web development companies have specialized staff in search engine optimization enabling them to rank your site well on the internet and bring more customers to your website,therefore fulfilling your goal in marketing your business online.

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