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Calendarize – Best WordPress Plug-in That You Ever Used For WordPress

For WordPress, there are various different calendar plug-ins are obtainable in the market but all those plugins have limited features to use. Recently, Calendarize it for WordPress has created one of the best feature rich Calendar and Event plugin that targets huge audience.

This plugin has complete range of features like Preview when entering event in wp-admin, Easy Point & Click interface to add new events, Show individual Calendars per user in WordPress, Sidebar Widget for Mini events Calendar & Upcoming Events, Get Event List by per day, per week and month. 

Have a detail to each of its Feature:

Simple & Easy Point and Click interface to add new events: With the “point and click” visual calendar interface in wp-admin, it is completely easy to add new events. For it, you just have to click on the day and have to enter the start day/time and end day/time. 

Make Sure to Preview while inserting event in wp-admin (single event): In the wp-admin, you are also able to get a preview of the event in the calendar. 

Recurring Events Support: you can easily add recurring events every-day, every week, every 2 weeks, every month, and every year. You can also add exceptions, if you pick every day.

Display Individual Calendars per user in WordPress: In WordPress, you are allowed to display calendars for particular users by just adding a Shortcode with the username. You can also add the id number of user rather than username, for displaying events from multiple users.

Higher Filtering: The most popular plugin by Calendarize it for WordPress supports custom taxanomies, and by using these, you can easily apply advanced filtering at the time of viewing the Calendar in the front end. If you have an inserted a ShortCode with filtering, then you can see all the events by default. You just need to click on a custom Taxonomy and click “Apply filters”. In any combination, you can also add these filters. To remove all filters, click on “Show All”.

Sidebar Widget for Mini Events Calendar: In your Sidebar, you can also insert a Mini Events Calendar Widget. With Custom Taxonomies, you are able to apply advanced filtering and you can also choose between various jQuery UI skins. 

Sidebar Widget for Forthcoming Events: Make sure to insert an upcoming events widget in your sidebar. With custom taxonomies, apply advanced filtering. 

Get Event List by per day, per week and by month: You can switch directly to event from event list by per day, per week and by month. By this way, you can view all events from the month, the week or the day. 

Support for Custom Fields for events: you are also able to add custom fields while making your event. You are able to choose between three different types of Custom Fields: Metadata, Custom and Taxanomy. 

Easily Create & Manage Venues, Organizers and Calendars: One can easily assign events to particular Calendars, organizers and Venues. Make sure to create detailed Venue page. 

ShortCodes Support: This plugin comes with 8 different Shortcodes which you can use with Calendarize it. From shortcode to insert the calendar, there are more advanced shortcodes which allow you to apply different filters. 

Support for Custom Post Types: One can easily activate Calendarize it for Custom Post Types comprising posts and pages. So, you can easily make these shows as events in the Calendar. 

Custom Capabilities Support: You can easily customize with custom capabilities and can access to the different features. It is also most important that you notice a Role and Capability Manager to use the Custom capabilities. You can easily use White label Branding for WordPress that has a build I Role and Capability Manager. 

Support for Events by User Role: You are also able to set the access to each and every event by using User Role, if you have pages by User Role for WordPress plugin. Either you can provide access or block user roles as it makes it possible to display one calendar but depending on the visitors user role which will see various events in the Calendar. 

Detailed Event Page: the best part is that each event has a detailed event page, where you can add information. 

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