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Basic Features of HTML5

HTML is useful to create a documents on the world wide web web pages. It is useful to create a website. HTML5 is the new specification of HTML. HTML5 has enhanced features for programmers. HTML5 is the back-end coding system. It means that dictates how Web pages should appear. HTML5 introduced so many new features. In HTML5 there are some new features and its include specific functions for audio, video, embedding graphics and interactive documents. HTML5 also introduced new elements like <header>, <footer>, <nav>, and <figure>.

Webworkers are so useful features of HTML5. Webworkers contain some web applications which are use heavy scripts to perform functions. The another feature of HTML5 is video and with the help of this feature you can embed video without any other party plug-ins. Canvas is so useful feature for a web developer. Canvas feature allows developer to rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images. The next features of HTML5 is Application caches. Its allow users functional web applications and that applications work offline as well as online. Application Caches stores more information and its work like cookies. When HTML5 comes to website crawling and indexing at that time it is SEO friendly. It is an alternative to Flash and Silverlight.

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