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Adding “Customer Group” Column in Magento Will Offer Good Customer Base

If you are an online business owner and want to exhale flawlessly on the e-commerce platform then make utmost use of magento to build better online shop. Web owners like it a lot as offers a perfect open source ecommerce solution, and available with variety of tools that helps in the creation of a successful online store of any business range and within manageable budget.

Every business wants to compete effectively on the web today, and a quality eCommerce platform nurtures the big ambitions of small to large scale businesses undisputedly. Magento offers a great power and flexibility to your web store and is widely accepted by all the major brands, as falls within their reach. Businesses really adore magento, and love to work on it. Several providers are prevalent today indulge in offering an exceptional e-commerce websites which clients can update and control as per their wish. From the last few years, many of them working with magento, and know very well that it’s going to change the face of e-commerce very soon. Finding this, lots of providers have started dealing with customizing magento, and allowing it to do exactly what the clients need.

Recently a new concept has been come up where you can add ‘customer group’ column to sales grid in magento. Surprisingly, magento admin area does not have a “customer group” column under the “Sales > Orders” grid, or under the “Sales > Orders > Create New Order” grid (which is a grid of customers). Now you will ask why we need it first of all.  May be businesses want to list or filter all the orders in a grid which are purchased by online shoppers let’s say from “Dealers” group.

Or could be they want to be able to filer the “Sales > Orders > Create New Order” grid by customer group prior to the actual order creation just to know the total of Dealers” group customers.

The execution of codes is efficiently done by magento developers to boosts online shopping experience and enhances sales leads, and a good rooting on eCommerce platform. There’s no hidden fact that magento offers a wide array of built-in capabilities, like promo pricing, and coupon codes, detailed statistics , and various SEO options, and etc. With the easy addition of “Customer Group” column to sales grid in magento your web store is going to perform far better than it never.

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