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What Is The Role Of Backend Runtime Environment Like Node. js In Web Development?

JavaScript so far has been a by default language for software development with its excellent cross-device and cross-platform functionality. However, in recent times, JavaScript has been looked at as a language that can be used for the server-side programming. All thanks to the Node.js development and evolution! The evolution of Node.js has raised up the bars for the developers to provide quality runtime operations for it being a runtime environment based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

With features that could not be any more friendlier to the software developers, node.js is surely going to make through the universally accepted runtime environment for website development.

Node.js is an open-source software that has found a recent buzz around its application for runtime environment in the backend. So, what exactly is the role of backend runtime environment in web development? Let’s find out.

Role of Backend Runtime Environment in Web Development

In a backend runtime environment like node.js, there is an application developed that is able to send a set of commands to the processor. It can access the other functions of the system which is a big drawback in most programming languages which are generally the high-level languages.

The backend runtime environment as in node.js has the capability to offer the access to the software libraries, environment variables, system variables to the device. It is also capable for providing the required support and services to complete set of processes taking place in the backend for the execution of the application in real-time.

What is the Importance of Runtime Environment for Software developers?

The expert software developers cannot do away with a runtime environment. They need a runtime environment in order to test the functionality of their software. This makes it possible for the node.js website development to incorporate a runtime environment element that enables the testing and tracking of the application even during execution.

Not only for testing, runtime environment excel at tracking bugs and at removing any error/ bug from the application. The best part about the runtime environment is that it does not stop working. Not even when the application in itself shuts down.

Need another reason to incorporate a runtime environment? They are smarter enough to track the crash of the application and the cause behind it. Most runtime environments are capable of reporting on why an application or program crashed.

While Java is the most popular runtime environment, node.js has started to take over.

Why Node.js for Website Development?: Real life Use Cases

  • Fast and Scalable Environment: Node.js is asynchronous, non-blocking, single-threaded in nature. This makes it a by default choice for a gaming application, chats, and messenger, video calling, or the solution that needs to function in real-time.
  • Ability to Detect the Crash: The capability of node.js lies in the testing of the bugs. However, it does not stop here. The best part about node.js is it works continuously. It does not even stop when the application crashes down. Moreover, node.js is able to track the crash and detect the cause behind it, especially if additionally powered by a Node.js logging tool.
  • Robust Technology Stack: Node.js is jam-packed with features and benefits from the full stack java development. The software developers can find an efficient productivity using node.js for website development. The code written in the application can be shared easily within seconds and also can be reused. Node.js comes with a great speed and environment that makes it a suitable option for the backend runtime functionality.
  • Rich Ecosystem: Node.js is out to be used as an open source with about 350,000 tools in the node.js package manager. More than 10,000 new tools are published every week. With the ease to access these free tools at clicks, node.js eliminates the time to market.
  • Real-time Applications: Node.js uses Javascript for easily responding to several multiple events happening at the same time in real-time. It helps to develop a highly server-side solution that can be scaled to any device and platform. Moreover, it makes optimum use of single CPU and computer memory for catering to the requests of the server.

All of these pointers help to understand better the functionality of node.js and makes it a favorable choice for website development.

Top-notch Website Developed Using Node.js:

Apart from this, there is one more reason to go for node.js development. There are many trendsetters in the industry that uses node.js and are capable of running a successful website. Some of these find their functionality in:

  • Uber
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • eBay
  • Walmart

Key Takeaway

If we follow the runtime environment trends right from the start of the website development till date, one thing is definite, node.js will rule over the applications and website development arena with the best of its robust technology stack, flexibility, efficiency, speed, and performance. The experts, therefore, cannot stop but recommend using node.js as a backend runtime environment for website development and it will prove its worth for the businesses. Node.js Development has to go a lot of more miles for meeting the businesses with their revenue destinations.

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