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Magento REST API : A Superior Way to Incorporate Business Applications:

Magento REST API The REST API in Magento is a lay down of functions to which the developers can proceed upon requests and can obtain responses through the HTTP protocol.

As one of the parts of the Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7 releases, the Magento REST API is launched especially for those traders who are in a quest of a speedy and reliable means to integrate more business applications within Magento Development companies.

The Magento REST API lets you to deal with customers, products, customer addresses, sales orders, inventory and many more using HTTP verbs like GET, PUT, POST and DELETE. The REST API adds value for better performance. It’s simple to use, easy for testing and troubleshooting.
Sources of REST:

The various sources of REST are basically the identities that are presented towards developer with the help of Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). Every resource has a distinctive URL. The address and any kind of dealings take place at its URI. Various resources supported in CE are mentioned below:

1. Customers: You can regain the record of customers and can create, update, or delete a customer.

2. Customer Addresses: Here, you can have an access to the list of customer addresses, and can create, update, or delete an address.

3. Products: Allows you to retrieve the list of products, create a simple product, and update or delete a product.

4. Product category: Get access to the list of categories that are allocated to a product and you can allocate or dislocate a category to a product.

5. Product Websites: Lets you to retrieve the list of websites assigned to a product and you can assign or unassigned a website to a product

6. Inventory: Take access to the list of stock items and can update a stock item.

7. Sales Orders: Here you can have an access to the list of sales order and all the information regarding that particular order.

8. Sales Order Items: Lets you to retrieve the items for a definite order.

9. Sales Order Addresses: Get list of billing and shipping addresses for an order.

10. Sales Order Comments: Get access to all the comments for a particular order.

Now, how to use REST API with Magento from the Magento store admin panel:

First of all, set up authorization to operate with resources for the three different user categories i.e. 1. Admin (backend logged-in user), 2. Customer (frontend logged-in user) and 3. Guest (non-logged-in frontend user). After doing this task, organize which elements will be permitted to retrieve or update for the various user types. At the end, register the third-party application and provide the information to the third-party application.