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Best Coding practices in Laravel for Great Results – XHTML Junkies

Laravel is a very dynamic PHP framework that emerges with frequent version updates from time to time. Even before you can learn and master the current version, it comes up with some new features. So sticking to the basic coding practices helps the laravel programmers a lot in maintaining a high degree of flexibility in the framework model. Later, you can practice some advanced coding standards with newer version updates. Laravel itself is designed with industry’s best coding standards. So, to ensure great results, you should follow some proven practices. Some develop excellent models without following the base standards of Laravel, but that leads to compatibility issues later. Here are few best patterns, we have picked up for you, which you may find useful.

Know the Ecosystem:

At the basic level, you have to make yourself familiar with Git and Composer. GitHub is a great place to refer all the codes and learn about their dependencies. Install Vagrant and VirtualBox as a minimum requirement for local model development. Although classic WAMP stacks serve the purpose that will lead you to the problems later. Choose some top-notch technologies like Elixir for front-end development. MySQL, PHP-FPM with Nginx are wise choices for back end stacks.

Latest Laravel Version:

If you do not have models developed in older versions, it is always recommended to start afresh with the newest version available. The current version running is Laravel 5.2 that has some powerful features, and you can refer support docs at Laravel website for assistance with new features.


Besides Vagrant, Laravel has its in-built base box called ‘Homestead’. If you want to avoid the task of setting up your environment, using Homestead is the best option.

PSR standards

There are no hard-and-fast rules imposed by Laravel for naming conventions unless it does not mess with the composer while loading. However, we suggest you to follow the generic PSR standards.

You have to be careful while creating custom classes and functions. Make sure you do not name your model the same as any of the DB tables.

Date and Time:

For performing any operation with date and time, you can use the predefined class DateTime in PHP but as a good practice, PHP developers should be encouraged to use Carbon library for playing with dates and times.

Useful design patterns:

If you are not following any standard pattern for your model, you are most likely to get it messed up at the certain level. So, follow some design patterns to avoid any hassle, and you can redesign your existing models by this. Some good-to-follow patterns may be:

  • Using repositories to call eloquent models
  • SOLID principle
  • Domain Driver Design


Do not forget to check if your application key is set. APP_KEY is a variable in .env file. If it is not set, you can do it by the below command:
php artisan key: generate

Database Indexing and Inserting:

It is highly discouraged to create tables or indexes directly by PHPMyAdmin or console. Database migration can be used to create tables, add fields or committing those to Git repositories.

When you are well versed with the basic as well as advanced design standards of Laravel, it is a cakewalk for getting a great framework model. Visit our page more often for the latest updates on PHP.