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10 Best Javascript Minifying Tools

We are using javascript minification in many of the production level website. The enhanced javascript minifying tools help to developer in development tasks as well as in improving coding. It will make your code to shorter by removing unwanted space, unnecessary comments, white space comments and new line comments from source code.
So let’s see most popuar javascript minification tools as under.

1) JSMin

By JSMin, you can remove unnecessary comments and whitespace quickly. It will descrese file size to half size, paving way to rapid downloads.

2) YUI Compressor

It will analyzing your javascript for understanding structure and then print out token stream while ignoring white space characters and also replacing the local symbols by a letter like 1,2,3 and so on. You will gain easy access to a flawless css comprression algorithmas by efficient regular expression for compressing css file.

3) UglifyJS

It’s a brilliant javascript compressor that’s written in javascript. It’s developed in Node.js but it will work on any javascript platform supporting the CommonJS module system.

4) Koala

It’s a GUI application for compilation of SASS, LESS, Compass, and CoffeeScript. It can run on Linux, Windows, and Mac. It has a some main features like multi-lingual support, several complie options, real-time complilation, error notification etc.

5) Prepos

It’s excellent tool for compiling Sass, LESS, Stylus, Compass, Jade etc. using automatic css prefixing. It’s a cross browser compatible and can run on Mac and windows. You can easily minify js files for reducing banthwidth and load time of your site.

6) Ajax Minifier

It’s window application which will minify all javascript files even in nested folder or a single folder. You can minify individual javascript files and enable/disable mutliple analysis options.

7) Smaller

Smaller is a powerful HTML, CSS and Javascript compressor on OS X and ability to merge mutliple files to single one. It will make your website faster.

8) JSCompress

JSCompress is online javascript compressor which compress and minify your javascript by reducing size up to 30-90%. These reduction is achieved by removing comments and unncessary white character from file which are not required in development.

9) Minifier

Minifier is a simple tool for JS/CSS comression without any set up. It reworks URLS from original to output location for CSS and resolves @import statements in CSS.

10) Ultra Minifier

It’s a simple YUI compressor GUI to minify jS and CSS code without using the terminal.