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AppStore Links a Great Tool to Update Data Directly from Apple Server

App StoreAn AppStore Plugin is a WordPress plugin that put together the iOS and Mac App Store (TradeDoubler) links in an enormously attractive manner. These link seems very pleasant and using this WordPress plugin lets you to put in iPhone app links (affiliate ones) to your website quickly. You require a TradeDoubler-ID to acquire the most out of this plugin as TradeDoubler is one of the major advertising platforms and it’s good to have an easier incorporation between iOS/Mac App Store, Mac OS X Screen casts and TradeDoubler.

You can make use of this plugin if you are exhausted of altering URLs and prices on each Link to the AppStore on your page. This plugin automatically updates all the data directly from Apple Server. TradeDoubler-ID helps you in automatic creation of Affiliate Links to the AppStore. You are also able to set up caching-times for images and the content.

You can simply add Links to the Apple AppStore by using [app ##idnumber##] in your posts, pages or comments. The ID number is the number from the official AppStore URL. Some of the examples are:

[appimg ##idnumber##] provide screenshots

[appext ##idnumber##] provide info, screenshots and a nice border.

The installation of this plugin is very simple. You just have to Upload the AppStore Folder and its contents to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and then simply activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. After activating the plugin you will be able to set up the plugin through the plugin-settings-page. This plugin is pretty easy to install and use.

Another most important advantage of this plugin is that all the links appear steady and allows you to draw certain information from the various stores such as version number, name, rating, etc. Even though AppStore Links working is triggered and incorporated somewhat easily, getting TradeDoubler set isn’t as easy, but the step-by-step setup guide is really a great contribution.