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Better Peace Of Mind With The WordPress Security Ninja Plugin

WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the internet for website developers and webmasters. It is robust and easy to use and offers many features. However, like all systems, it needs proper security measures to make sure it works well and let the webmaster be worry-free about the site security.

WordPress Security Ninja is one of the best plugin options for securing your WordPress website and harden the protocols and eliminate the security holes in the installation with its free and paid (PRO) versions. Various WordPress Development companies have their own recommendation and WordPress Security Ninja is one of them.

The plugin searches for flaws in the website and shows them to the site owner. The best part about it is that it does not make any direct changes. This ensures that the site owner has the ultimate choice and control over the site code.

The plugin also includes code snippets for easily solving problems, even by non-technical site owners. This makes the plugin a must-use for new website owners or those who do not have the time to fix the issues individually.

The WordPress Security Ninja plugin searches for anomalies in all the installed files and attributes in the core files and also helps to hide internal metadata from the public. It also checks for updates to plugins, themes and core files for better maintenance and security of the site. This prevents exploitation by hackers and even attempts by script kiddies to sabotage the website.

The plugin comes with 50+ security tests for hardening the site security, including a brute-force security test for making sure that the weak passwords are rooted out.

The WordPress Security Ninja plugin has been on the market since 2011, for 7 years and has thousands of active installations. It has been tested on 5,000+ websites for glitches and issues.

The free version can be downloaded and installed from the WordPress plugin directory.

The paid version includes some additional features like the Malware Scanner (for detecting malicious code on the site), the Core Scanner (for finding vulnerabilities in the core files), and the Cloud Firewall (for preventing unauthorized access by bots and users).

The PRO features also include an Event Logger for logging changes and a Scheduled Scanner for making sure scans are performed regularly. There is also an Auto Fixer for the automatic fixing of the flaws and issues. The Database Optimizer optimizes the database for smooth performance of the website.

The WordPress Security Ninja plugin’s PRO version has three packages – the $29 and the $79 packages are for single-site use and multi-site use, respectively. Both offer one year of updates and premium USA-based support to the user.

The Agency Lifetime package offers the above PRO features with a lifetime of premium USA-based support and updates.

The WordPress Security Ninja plugin is a must-have for new site owners and experienced ones alike, and offer great value for money in the current market of security plugins.