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Understanding the Power of Instagram Stories to Build Massive Audience

Social media has gradually become an essential tool for businesses. The reason for its popularity is the number of people that engage themselves to it on a daily basis. Like Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram is also a medium for business firms to build a massive audience, and engage with it.

A feature that attracts people is the story feature. A photo or video or perhaps both of them make up a story. Unlike general posts, stories disappear after 24 hours. Ever since its introduction, Instagram has seen exponential growth in terms of users every month.

The brands, however, must note that their stories are meant to attract people to their business. The stories must not be anything personal. To make the most out of them, you need to take care of certain parameters.

Keep it Relatable

One of the biggest challenges for businesses on social media is to reach more people than they currently do. A picture speaks more than a thousand words applies here in this situation as well. Instagram post size and stories ensure easy conversation between the businesses and their audience.

Millions of people surf Instagram daily, and the engagement rate on this site is much greater than at any other site. The story that you post must attract people to watch it. To make it happen, keep it interesting and relatable.

Use Location and Hashtags for Your Story

While many of us use doodles, text, and other elements in our stories, we forget about the hashtags and geotags. What these tags do is that they let more local people see your content in their feed and search results. You might have noticed people using popular and relevant hashtags as a caption for their post.

How do you know the popular ones? Well, you can search for them as you would do for the keywords for your site. Know that users get fed up by the useless things, so don’t overflow your story with unnecessary tags.

Instagram features allow the users to post thirty hashtags in a post, but that’s way too much. You must not exceed ten to avoid getting marked as spam.

You can include a Call-to-Action

Putting a call-to-action in the story will let the users know what you want them to do. You can use it either in the caption or in the photo itself. It should be according to the type of post, and not just any random thing.

A call-of-action might be anything from asking people to tag their friends, or subscribe to the newsletter to purchase any of your services or products.

Also, it would most probably not work if you don’t keep the caption readable and relatable. When it is about promoting a brand on social media, you need to pay attention to every single thing.

Timing of the Story is Crucial

Even if it does not sound this way, timing is indeed a vital parameter. Why is it so? Because a story lasts for just 24 hours before it disappears. And apparently, you are not the only one to post them on the site.

Although it keeps on changing, Monday and Thursday remain the best weekdays on which you can post a story on Instagram. Along with the magnitude of engagement, the Instagram algorithm cares about how quickly a story gets that.

This is because it tells the site that your content is of considerable quality, especially if it gathers some likes and comments. The site then makes it visible to even more number of people.

Don’t skip the Polls

Polls are an incredible way to engage more people. Polls also give rise to curiosity in the minds of the people about the outcome. In fact, the result of such polls can help you improve your services or the products as well.

It is fun and a way to learn at the same time. They are beneficial for your brand in the first place, and then for the audience, if you take the result into consideration. That’s how you to conduct an interesting research in the market.

Include videos as well

Marketing tricks change over time, and they vary according to what people like to see in the advertisements. A video that lasts for no more than just two minutes can let your audience know who you are, and what services and products you have on the market.

You can use the intro maker app to create a stunning intro’s for your YouTube and Instagram handle, so it can help to increase your followers and reach all over social media platforms.

It’s more like an in-person communication, but with every viewer at the same time. Just one video; and you make thousands of people feel valued. It’s no massive investment as well.