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Top 5 Benefits of Using NodeJS as App Development

What Are Top 5 Benefits of Using NodeJS As App Development Technology?

App development industry has expanded at an incredible speed in the past few years. This exciting industry continues to make our lives easier by introducing highly sophisticated apps. One of the key reasons behind the significant advancements of app development technology is NodeJS. Those who have worked on NodeJS technology will solidly accept it as one of the simplest and powerful platforms to work on. As a matter of fact, most of the app development companies India agencies consider NodeJS to be their preferred platform. With that being said, here are the top 5 benefits of using NodeJS as an app development technology.

Exceptionally Fast Platform

One of the most significant benefits associated with NodeJS is its speed. Due to this technology, JavaScript can be converted into a native machine code that functions at a lightning speed. Since this technology uses a single thread only, it generates hardly any trouble. As a result of this simplified functionality, it can perform critical actions such as network connections, reading/writing to the database and file system significantly faster. Many of the app development companies in India treat NodeJS as their prime option particularly due to this speed factor.

Highly Versatile Compatibility

The smooth and powerful operation of NodeJS technology is compatible with browsers and servers alike. In other words, its functionality remains uncompromised no matter whether the platform is run on a browser or a server. Due to this exceptional compatibility, Java developers can expect a really smooth performance even with cross-platform operations.

Makes Coding Simple

As a developer, you will discover various technologies pretty frequently. Although some of these technologies can be powerful, learning a new program can be a time-consuming task for most of the developers. However, when it comes to Node.JS, learning how to work on it is a pretty simple task. Thanks to the user-friendly interface it features, any developer who already know JavaScript can get familiar with Node.JS without much trouble.

Even the newbies can learn NodeJS with very fewer efforts, thanks to the exceptional support provided by highly active JavaScript community. NodeJS allows developers to write JS for the client as well as for the server. So, that makes data transfer between client and server incredibly easier. The data changes that take place at the server will be immediately displayed on the client too.

Significant Productivity

The overall productivity of the development process is boosted with the assistance of NodeJS. That is because that JavaScript (the core of NodeJS) splits the silos between frontend and backend. Organizations can implement better syndication between the backend and frontend teams. When both the teams operate as a single unit, there is hardly any room for errors.

It Minimizes Synchronization Issues

When it comes to managing asynchronous I/O from the root, NodeJS is an exceptionally effective option. In addition to the super-fast performance of JavaScript, NodeJS operates based on Event Loop. In the context of handling a large number of clients, the I/O tasks in NodeJS are handled together.


Having considered all the benefits associated with Node.JS, it is not difficult to treat it as one of the best technologies present today for developers. The popularity of NodeJS is only likely to grow because of these impressive characteristics.