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PHP Developer

  • We’ve got a team of experienced PHP developers for you to make use of
  • We’re incredibly experienced when it comes to e-commerce, enterprise applications (as well as CRM applications), BAP (Business Application Portal) and even custom software/product development services
  • Only use the most optimal systems, including MVC Architecture for our PHP development needs.
  • Our team also has the skills to use CakePHP, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii and even Symfony (the framework).
  • We have project managers that will be personally assigned to every single project your hire us for, and it’s completely free!
  • Daily time-sheets to make sure that we’re going to reach your goal on time, as well the ability to communicate directly with our development teams
  • Your project WILL be delivered in a timely manner
  • We’ve satisfied clients from all over the globe, including countries like Australia and Canada (as well as the United Kingdom and United States).
  • The quality of your development is 100% guaranteed
  • Available for communications 24/7, you can contact us through Skype, mail or even through a phone.
  • Monitoring tasks (as well as reporting client protocols) through the use of incredibly sophisticated tools; BaseCamp, GitHub and Apache are a few examples.
  • We love what we do, and you’re going to love what we can do for you.

If you’ve got PHP developer needs, hire the right person!

We’ll make sure that your business is transformed into something that’s going to succeed no matter what. Most of the business and entertainment mediums that you see today have some sort of PHP development incorporated within them, because PHP development is the cornerstone of developing a reputable website (or web application). Our PHP developers can provide you with:

      • Website development regarding PHP, as well as the right CMS (Content Management Systems) with Portal development.
      • Customized development for your modules, as well as maintenance in regards to you PHP4, PHP5, PHP6 and even phpBB or CakePHP developments.
      • Porting/Migration tactics for your Enterprise PHP apps
      • Development in regards to your mobile needs, because mobile is the future of marketing
      • WCM (Web content management), HTML5 integration and even CSS3 support
      • We’ve got the highest standard in the business when it comes to coding strategies

We’re the most optimal choice for your PHP development needs, just try us out for yourself!

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