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Outsourced Development

Outsourcing your development needs is a past time that business have been part of for at least a decade, ever since PHP was commonly integrated in web platforms there’s been a need for experts like the ones we provide. Every single task that could get assigned to a team of ours will be handled with not only care, but a certain level of expertise that only we could practice. We’re incredibly strict when it comes to our clients data security, so much so that we insists on signing an NDA clause for every single project that we work on. It allows us to focus on the project at hand and nothing else, because the NDA clause should protect the development from being seen by those who shouldn’t see it. We also offer specialized services pertaining to software enhancement, re-engineering and maintenance (support for your outsourced development project).

Still not sure as to why you sure hire us?

Check out these benefits:

  • Incredibly flexible hiring hours, you can make use of our experts for a part-time project; there’s also full-time and even hourly if you’d like. If that wasn’t enough, you can monitor your entire team by looking at our 24/7 CCTV monitors (which are set up to keep surveillance)
  • Focus on your businesses growth, while we deal with all of the development issues that might come up
  • We’ve got 8+ years of experience in this industry, and we’re willing to apply it to every single project we can
  • All of our technical experts can help you develop innovative technologies, so much so that your business might take a complete turn for the better
  • Power generators back up our data system, this ensures that nothing will ever be compromised
  • 8/MPs internet connection for incredibly fast communication (and working) speeds
  • NDA agreements will always be signed prior to starting a project
  • We’re the leading company in India for outsourced development projects, and we plan on keeping it that way
  • Start up your brand new development project in a quick manner
  • SaaS (Software as a Service), ERP and Cloud computing expertise

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