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Magento Integration

  • Magento integration with a host of available software offers robust and scalable plans that are conducive to business growth.
  • With QuickBooks integration, automatic recording of sales transactions, knowing about highest selling product and the number of repeat customers makes it easy to implement business strategies.
  • Magento SOLR integration creates search tactics that are powerful and flexible.
  • MailChimp integration with Magento provides optimized e-Commerce as it supports multiple lists and interest groups with omni channel integration with Magento delivers a superior user experience.
  • Magento Varnish integration allows for compression, upgrade, and speeding up content delivery.
  • SMS integration provides maximum flexibility to Magento store owners that may be used for improving mobile strategy by providing extensive payment integration capabilities with major payment gateway companies.
  • Shipping integration with Magento enhances Order fulfillment cycle along with integration with ebay and Amazon platform.

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