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Magento Ecommerce Developer

If you require a Magento eCommerce developer that has proven he can give you results, then you’d be best off working with us here at XHTMLJUNKIES. Forget about everything else that those other companies are claiming to provide to you, we actually have something important to offer up. There are plenty of places to outsource your Magento eCommerce developer needs to, but they won’t handle it like we do. We’ve been in business for well over 8 years, and that’s given us a professional edge that many other outsourcing companies in India don’t share. We have a high-quality work environment for all of our developers to thrive in, which translates into the final result you’ll be left with.

Your eCommerce needs have never been this easy to meet, and you can take that to the bank. Every single one of our Magento eCommerce developers will manage your project in not only a professional manner, but one that isn’t going to break your wallet in half too. You might be wondering why else you should hire us, and here’s why:

  • We offer custom Magento website designs, as well as extension development for your Magento-based web pages
  • Development of Magento modules, which would be things like payment gateways (which are incredibly important for eCommerce sites, keep that in mind), as well as shipping methods
  • We’ve had a previous Magento project that had to have over 500,000 products incorporated within our customized solution – that’s half a million products we were responsible for!
  • We’ve proven that we’re the most reputable outsourcing service you can find when it comes to Magento eCommerce developers, and the consultants we’ve hired will always be here to guide you through the steps
  • We can convert your .PSD files so that they’re usable on tablets and mobile platforms, this is critical if you want to have true success with your Magento project
  • The most responsive Magento web design service you could use, and responsiveness is a big deal to the consumer
  • The ability to develop in an abundance of languages doesn’t apply to plenty of Magento eCommerce developers, but we have that skill set!
  • We can manage the store itself, or even a series of stores if need be
  • Book keeping systems, CRM and e-mail marketing solutions won’t ever be a problem (when it comes to using them within the project) again – we’re experts in that right

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