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We’re a Magento eCommerce development company that’s looking to take on new clients, and you could be the next one! We specialize in all sorts of services, although we tend to focus on web design and development. Not only are we one of the best that you’re going to find (regardless of how long you look, trust us!), but we offer our services at the most competitive rates you’re going to find on the web. The best Magento developer companies are ones that can actually deliver, but it doesn’t just stop there. We’re trying to work with clients on a long term basis, as that’s the only way to properly go about growing your Magento eCommerce business.

There’s tons of companies out there for you to hire, but we’re the most optimal choice; and we’re going to tell you why! Wasting your money on such a large project is always a frustrating task to go through, but now you’ll never have to do it again. Why hire us? Well, here’s a few reasons:

  • All of our developers are certified Magento experts, they’ve been developing online Magento websites (all of which incorporate shopping carts) – they’ve also gone through custom eCommerce solution developments time and time again. We’ve had a project that had well over 500,000 products involved, which is a very large number for any Magento website.
  • The Magento consultants we’ve got on our roster will help you maximize your eCommerce potential
  • You don’t need to stress out about your Magento working alongside ERP solutions, book keeping systems or any CRM solutions. E-mail market integration is as easy as can be for us as well!
  • Loyalty programs are a big part of Magento projects, and we can help you get those properly set up. Gift cards and special offers are something we can take care of as well
  • We make sure to give you a daily report regarding your project, because you deserve to know!
  • Payment gateway development, as well as shipping application development – we can also help you with any other Magento work that could be outsourced
  • A work ethic that is simply amazing – we continue to prove our worth, project after project!

You should be sold on our services by now, but just in case you aren’t, we’ve put together a small video talking about our goals when it comes to helping our clients. Take a look at our video below, it should tell you all you need to know about our professional services.

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