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Java Portfolio

iSmartRecruit Product (

iSmartRecruit is truly affordable solution for small and mid size Corporate / Consulting firms / Recruitment agencies. It’s not only encapsulates an Applicant Tracking System but also a powerful customer relationship management, event management, email management, reporting, analytics etc. Also it’s a highly customizable product so it can easily fit into your business need.

  • Resume, Candidate, Customer, Job Profile, Invoice, Payment, Prospect Management, Attendance
  • Schedule and Alerts configuration
  • Dashboard, Analytics and Reports
  • Customization of Product based on business need
  • Promote jobs on social network and job board
  • Add/Remove fields, Enable/Disable validations, Reorder fields, Change section names etc.
  • Resume Parse and Bulk resume upload
  • Calling and SMS System
  • Mailbox

Technology: Primefaces JSF, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss Application Server, MySQL Database, Lucene, iText, Quartz, Apache POI, Atmosphere etc.

iSmartSocial Product (

iSmartSocialis a Social Recruiting Platform which helps companies and agencies to source and recruit high quality talent quickly and effectively using the highly active social network. Using this platform, recruiters can easily broadcast open jobs across social media networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and many leading Job Boards.

  • Application Tracking System
  • Job Management and Promotions
  • Client Management
  • Invite Followers
  • Job Board
  • Network Scanner
  • Connect your website
  • Multi langue support

Technology: jQuery, Google Chart, Bootstrap, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss Application Server, MySQL Database, iText, Quartz, Apache POI etc.

Work Order System, Mexico

It’s a custom solution for the branding company to manage their work orders. There are various functionality covered in the system including Quotation, Purchase Order, Work Order, Invoice, Payment, User Management, Master Data M, Reporting etc.

Technology: Primefaces JSF, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss Application Server, MySQL, Database, Lucene, iText, Quartz, Apache POI, Atmosphere etc.

Jasper Report Development, USA

Designed various reports of banking system using Jasper Report technology. Used various feature of jasper including sub reports, cross tab reports, parameter mapping, common style template configuration, common parameter mapping, grouping, export in various formats, conditional styling etc.

Technology: Jasper Report Server, iReport, SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Server Management Studio

NetSuite Customization, Australia

NetSuite is cloud-based enterprise administration software with a 99.5% up-time guarantee. It’s the first cloud-based enterprise management software suite to combine CyberSource Decision Manager Technology into its core business processes. It is an online, subscription-based solution that combines Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce in a single, web- based business solution.

We are working on customer service portal solution which is under NetSuite environment. Portal solution provides customers an easy way to request a service to Service Provider. This customer service portal includes following features.

  • Customer can request a quote in portal and submit.
  • An instant mail notification to customer and also to assignee of task.
  • List recent case created by user in dashboard.
  • Change password and Forgot password for user.

Technology: NetSuite, Suite Script, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, Bootstrap etc.

Invoice Payment Management System [IPMS], Canada

The objective of the project is to facilitate NIKO by providing an application that supports the billing procedure for the company and provides a facility for customer management, payment management and payment history management. The application will generate reports on weekly and monthly basis for the management. The important interfaces of application includes master data entry screens i.e. legal entity, block, customer contract, exchange rate etc. and transaction data entry screen i.e. invoice, payment, debit credit note etc.

Technology: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JBoss Application Server, SQLYog, Eclipse, MySQL Database.

iCalling Product

The product is provides facilities to place call, receive call, send SMS, received SMS, check balance etc. All the call transactions will be posted on the central server where administrator can verify the calls. There are so many graphical and tabular reports bundled with product using which owner can see the no of calls, call charges, call duration etc. information user wise and organization wise. The product is using internet dongal (Hardware) and SIM card.

Technology Stack
Frameworks Spring, Hibernate, JSF, Prime Faces, Rich Faces, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, ExtJS, Log4j, Struts, Atmosphere, C3P0 Connection Pool, Adobe Flex, jBPM, EJB, Velocity, iBatis, Ajax, Weblogic Portal, Java Script, NodeJS, ExtJS, Apache Solr
Scheduler Quartz
Server Apache Tomcat Server, Jboss Server, Weblogic Server, Websphere Server, Apache Http Server.
Search Lucene
Report Engine Jasper Reports, Jasper Server, Cristal Report Server
ETL Tools Pentaho Kettle
Test Framework jUnit, Selenium, jMeter, Sonar, Jacoco, Java Melody, TestNG
Project Build Maven, Ant
Code Quality Find Bug, PMD, Check Style, Google CodePro AnalytiX
Database MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Version Control SVN, CVS, Git, Bit Bucket
Cloud Infrastructure Amazon Cloud
Rule Engine Drools
Content Management System Alfresco
Tools Eclipse IDE, Net Beans IDE, Heidi SQL, Tortoise SVN, Visio

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