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E-commerce Website

When you need an eCommerce website developed, there are a lot of questions you’ll find yourself asking. First of all, you have to have the right development team behind your back, and we believe that we’ve got exactly what you’re craving here at XHTMLJUNKIES. Don’t take a project related to eCommerce lightly, it’s one of the largest money making industries you’ll see on the internet. The web site that you’re presenting to people is going to be the face of your franchise, the world is an online-based one now and that means business have to adapt (or die!). Every single solution we offer is top notch, so eCommerce needs are right up our alley. Here at XHTMLJUNKIES, we’re always striving for perfection, and that means your project could better than expected.

We have a lot of experience to offer up, hiring a development team to front your eCommerce project that lacks certain skills is always going to be bad. Here’s why you should hire us:

Our Expertise

  • We’ve helped over 8,000 clients with their eCommerce project needs, and every single requirement was met with said projects
  • Check out our product galley, it offers extensions for all sorts of things; these would include social networking, catalogs, custom checkouts and even ordering/payment processors
  • Modify your Magento project with ease, all you’ve got to do is send all of the data over to us
  • We can integrate a multi-vendor marketplace within your eCommerce website – this allows you incorporate things like price negotiation and “auto-currency” protocols; there’s also video testimonial development available to our clients
  • Any third-party service you’d like can be integrated (like eBay or Amazon), as well as SOAP, REST and JSON integration
  • We’ll monitor both task and client data with the use of our advanced scouting techniques, something that a lot of development services can’t offer
  • GitHub, Bug Tracking and even Subversion can also be worked into your project
  • We can make use of smart modules to have both your accounting and shipping applications working with one another, making online orders seem as easy as possible
  • We also have very innovative themes for your to use, all of which are based on XML, web services and even SFTP protocols
  • Modules that are unique in regards to UPS, FedEx, QuickBooks and USPS
  • Help you set up the support and maintenance portion of your eCommerce project, because customer service matters!

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