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Zend Framework to Speed Up Your Programming Efficiency

Is that Zend Framework is the best framework available in the market?? It differs in one’s individual opinion but based upon statistics and surveys, it is the best suggested framework among designers and developers. It has got its rising demand as it is an open-source PHP5 based frame work. What makes this one of the premier framework used by the developers is that it provides stable and clean code with intellectual property rights. It uses the MVC paradigm and object-oriented and has open source contributors. Frameworks and tool kits are specifically designed for easily building web based applications.

Zend Framework includes many components such as

  • Zend_Controller: This module is meant for translating requests into specific actions and makes sure that they get executed. It features to control the overall application.

  • Zend_Db: It provides access to databases in a generic way and is based on PHP Data Objects.

  • Zend_feed: Which makes easy to consume RSS and Atom feeds.

  • Zend_Filter: Provides filtering functions.

  • Zend_InputFilter: It is designed to work with arrays like form inputs.

  • Zend_XmlRpc: Which enables you to easily create an XML-RPC server and client.

  • Zend_Search: Enables to perform sophisticated searches on your own text.

  • Zend_Mail: Provided to send text and MIME email.

  • Zend_service: Containing sub-modules that provides access to Web service APIs.

  • Zend_Json: Enables you to translate PHP objects into Javascript notation and vice-versa.

Comparing to other frameworks, Zend framework has many significant and rich features that make it a better framework for web development. It also has a highly modular Modal-View-Controller design making it easier to maintain and code to be reusable.

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