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Winsome Features of Android Development

Android platform has made its identity over the past few years with user-friendly operation. It is precisely diverse and customizable platform which other applications cannot accomodate its position. It has gained half of the market share with its elegant applications and mind blowing features set. It is very important to have a well knowledged and experienced team of members to work on Android development. At xhtmljunkies, we offer professional android applications to reach out the requirements of client effectively. The new version of android 3.0 is optimized for the large screen devices, especially tablets. It includes features like refined multi-tasking, widgets, home screen customization, rich notifications and much more. In all applications, user can have the quick access for notification and soft navigation. The highlighted features of it are the following:

  • With multi-tasking, user can see the tasks in recent apps list and can quickly jump from one application to other.

  • The list shows a snapshot of actual state when the user last viewed it.

  • Redesigned keyboard to enter text fast and make it accurate on larger screens.

  • Improved text selection for copy, paste, share, web search etc.

  • Redesigned UI widgets.

This platform includes rich multimedia and connectivity which supports HTTP live streaming specifications. Also it is compatible with the applications which are developed for earlier versions of this platform.

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